Playing Multitracks from External USB Hard Drive



over 5 years ago (edited)

I'm running out of space on my Mac Book Pro's SSD internal drive. I'm thinking about moving my Ableton Master Session File (which is about 30 gb) onto an external hard drive to run my tracks from there. Will this work? Has anyone had any live playback problems or issues with stability utilizing this type of setup?

over 5 years ago

I wouldn't run your master set off of an external drive; if you do, you'll likely experience audio dropouts. You might consider moving your arrangement session files off to the external, but I would keep your master on the SSD if possible. It should go without saying, but be sure all of your files are being backed up somewhere. I keep one backup onsite and another offsite.

over 5 years ago

If you must do that, I'd look at the thunderbolt G-drive, the speeds are way better than other external drives. I am using that now. I have all my song projects in the external hard drive and if I need to edit the arrangements or projects I am saving it to the drive. It works fine for that. However, when I'm putting together the set for sunday, I save that project to my computer and do a "Collect All and Save". That keeps my sunday project under 4 GB. Once Sunday goes by, I archive it to the G-drive. So at the end I try to only keep the latest Sunday project in my computer. I would not try to run the Sunday set from the external drive though just to be safe because of the reason mentioned above. My Songs folder is now 36.81 GB. Hope that helps!