Playing video lyrics through ableton live



almost 6 years ago (edited)

Hi Guys, We are fast-growing youth ministry and decided to move from powerpoint level to something more…pro. Unfortunately we can't afford ProPresenter and I try to solve this matter in different way. I decided to make videos based on loops with some nice drone shots of nature in the background. I did it in FCPX and dragged into ableton as a video track. To be honest, it all looks awesome BUT… Videos are not as smooth as It should be. Don't get me wrong- Every single line of lyrics is just on point, but those shots in the background seems to I dont know… weigh to much for ableton to play it smoothly. My macbook pro specs: i7 2,3 Ghz quad core, 8gb of 1600 Mhz Ram, 120 ssd hard drive and Geforce 650M video-card. What in your opinion could solve my problem. Adding 8gb ram? changing some video preferences? Or maybe ableton is just not created for playing hd videos? Would love to hear your opinions!

about 4 years ago

Ableton should be solid for playing back videos. You might want to contact support about this and see if there is a specific video format that is better.