Presonus 1818, El Capitan, Ableton



over 5 years ago (edited)

Hey guys, I can't get my Presonus 1818 interface to work with Ableton. Upgraded to El Capitan. Ableton is up to date. I've removed all the files that presonus has told me to in this document but still can't seem to get ableton to select the interface. The interface shows up in the options audio preferences (input and output) but when I try to select the interface as the output for ableton, the rainbow wheel spins for about 10 seconds and then jumps back to "no output" Anyone else experienced this and/or know how to resolve this issue? Thanks

over 5 years ago

Yes, it happened to me once I upgraded my os to captain also. The presonus stuff doesn't work with the new captain os. Luckily I had a focusrite interface to use. That's what I'm still using.