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about 3 years ago (edited)

I've seen lots of discussion regarding Ableton and interfaces. My question is if I can configure Prime (MacBook Pro app) to use with my Presonus. We are considering making the change from Ableton to Prime and would still like to break out the "instrument groups" in our stems into 8 separate outputs so FOH can have better control. Can I use it with Prime and does it configure basically the same way as with Ableton?

about 3 years ago

Hey John, You can! Here is a video on how you can use an audio interface with PRIME: If you use PRIME on the iPad and iPhone it would have to be an iOS compatible interface, otherwise with a Mac, any USB interface will work. Let us know if you have any other questions. -Derek, The LC Team

almost 3 years ago

Not sure if you have resolved this or have any of PreSonus's ai series but, they are fully capable of running from the "digital input". If you are running a mac, you just have to go into "Applications", Select "Utilities" and open "Audio MIDI Setup". At the top screen Menu, select "Window" and click on "Show Audio Devices" (If it isn't opened already hidden behind the MIDI window.). Select your Presonus by right-clicking, then click on configure speakers then Open Universal Contro and Select whatever you have set up for output under "Setup".