Prim Crashing when trying to add a song to playlist...

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almost 7 years ago (edited)

I've been using prime for a few months now and loving it. Works very smoothly almost all the time, however I had an issue last week that I can't figure out. When trying to add a specific song to my playlist, Prime looks as if the song is being added and the progress bar gets almost to the end, and then just before completing, Prime crashes. I have not had this happen with any other songs except for this specific track. I purchased this particular track from Loop Community last week. It is the track for "Freedom is Here" by Zach Carringer. I purchased the $9.99 split track version. I have tried adding that song to a playlist 12-15 different times but have had the same result every time. I have tried on my iPad and on my iPhone, both with the same result. I have tried deleting and reinstalling Prime on both the iPad and iPhone with the same result. My temporary work around was to download the .mp3 split track, separate the left and right sides, and upload to my Prime account, but this is obviously not ideal. Any additional ideas for me to try?

almost 7 years ago

Send us an email with your order number (to and we'll get it sorted out.