PRIME - Add tracks to existing songs I've purchased?

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over 3 years ago (edited)

I am just wondering if it's possible to add tracks to songs I've purchased (premium track or loop community track). If I want to upload an acoustic guitar track, etc. I've been successful in uploading my own songs, so I guess a work-around would be to put all of the purchased tracks together, add mine, and then upload as a new song. I am not trying to pawn it off as mine, just add to it for my worship team. Take what is there, add some of our own recordings, so if someone is missing, we can still have all of it.

over 3 years ago

Hey Tim! You can't add stems to tracks that are already in PRIME. You'll need to have all of the stems in your computer, then you can export and upload as a new song to PRIME. Hope this helps. =)