Prime app

Prime App


8 months ago

My app completely stopped working. I need help because we use prime for all worship services.


7 months ago

Out of curiosity, is there a way to have access to redownload the app to a prior version that has worked until these kinks can be resolved?

I'm concerned that I don't want to ever update the app again in the future knowing this could happen once more.


7 months ago



7 months ago

Hey there, Unfortunately we won't be able to supply users with old versions of the app. Sorry for any inconvenience there, but we are working hard to resolve the remaining kinks with the new Loop Pro update. Thanks so much for your patience as we continue to improve the Prime app for you guys.


7 months ago

So the latest issue I'm having with the app is on Ipad and Mac now. When I go to download my setlist it kicks me out of the app. i've tried over and over and over and still doesn't work. This problem first popped up on my ipad and then i switched to my mac and am having the exact same issue. Please help. I need this fixed for Sunday!


7 months ago

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? If you have already, is this happening on every setlist that you try to download, or only on one setlist?