Prime App Not Recognizing Audio Interface

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10 days ago

Hello. I have a Scarlett 2i2 audio interface and I connected it to my computer. Under "Devices" in the Prime Appp I selected my audio interface, but the App is not allowing me to select any channels to go out to the sound system. The "Outs" section is simply blank, as if I do not have an audio interface connected. Is there a way to get the Scarlett 2i2 to work with Prime?


9 days ago

Thanks for reaching out! A few things to help us identify potential issues: What is the length of the USB cable you are using? Do you have the latest drivers installed for the interface (if on Mac)? Lastly, if you set the interface as your computers output device, can you hear audio from both outs when using things like Spotify or YouTube? Thanks for the details!


9 days ago (edited)

I was using a shorter USB, maybe 3 feet. I didn't install any drives, but I looked up the Scarlett software and it had something to install for Windows, but said that you don't need to install anything on the Mac to use it. I found this to be true because I can hear the audio coming from the computer through the audio interface and out through my sound system. The problem is that Prime won't recognize the audio interface in the app. I can select the Scarlett under the "Device" section in the app, but the "Outs" function fails to light up as if it's not connecting to the audio interface, which means I can't send any signal from Prime through the audio interface.


5 days ago

Thanks for the information! So even though the Outs button does not light up, are you able to get any Prime audio through the interface even after selecting it under "Devices"? is the issue only that you can select the outs? Thanks for the clarification!


3 days ago

The Outs button does not light up AND no sound is coming through the audio interface from Prime after selecting it under Devices. Like I said, it's like Prime doesn't recongize the audio interface.