PRIME Feature Suggestion

Prime App


about 7 years ago

First off... I'm relatively new to the loop game, and so far I've been VERY pleased with PRIME. Being able to upload my own loops, mix on-the-fly, and use them all from the same app is awesome. Recently I was working on the app and had the thought... "Man, if this app could do "_______", that would be perfect!". Here's what I was wondering... what's the possibility of "exporting" a split track mix out of PRIME to the iTunes library? Reason being... I use an app called OnSong for my chords. I've been using it for YEARS. It has the capability to run an mp3 from the ITunes library through the app, and that can be triggered by a bluetooth device (which use to "turn" the page to the next song). So theoretically, I could use PRIME during practice, get the mix just right for that particular service, export the split track to my iTunes library, and use OnSong to trigger it during our service so I can continue to have access to the chords. Just a passing thought as I work towards incorporating loops into our services. Thanks so much for such an amazing & flexible tool! - Troy