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over 8 years ago (edited)

Are you planning to port Prime to Android eventually? I use an iPad for sheet music and it is my preferred tablet of choice for sheet music... but I'd love to be able to use my android tablets for prime since they aren't in use. This Sunday I had to go ipadles with my sheet music so that we could use it for prime and give it to the drummer... just wondering :).

about 1 month ago

I am soooo thankful for this platform and AMAZING tool. However, I agree. Please come to android. This 8 year old conversation is interesting. Is there actually a plan or desire to make this happen at all? Or will the same answer be given for the next 100 years? Many of our team members are disabled by this limitation. Like Nike says, just do it. The community would be extremely grateful.


27 days ago

Agreed! We are pushed to using alternate products due to this.


5 days ago

Asking about Android compatibilty as well - is this in the pipeline to be added in the future? If so, is there an ETA as to when it could be expected?


4 days ago

We don't have plans for this yet, but hopefully we'll be able to implement it in the future at some point. We'll be sure to keep you updated if that is to change!