Prime Multi-Output?

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about 6 years ago (edited)

I'd love to Prime someday have the ability to use an interface with more than two output so you can send click and cues out separately and have a stereo loop output. I find it hard to get the right mix between click and cues for everyone in the band. The drummer and rhythm section will generally have more click in their mix than vocalists so what happens is the vocalist miss the cues, or else the drummer get their ears blown off by the cues. It would also be great if to have the ability to send something like an extra guitar track out through a different output so the FOH can have control over it and mix it in as they need to. Am I alone in this or is this something others have thought about? I love how simple prime is and how you can transpose on the fly if needed but I really miss having the extra outputs that I have when using Ableton. I know there are DAW's for IOS that can do multiple outputs, so I figure there must be a way somehow.

about 6 years ago

I've been searching for a solution to this problem for awhile. So far based on my research the hardware doesn't exist and Prime would need to be updated to take advantage of it.

about 6 years ago

I'm pretty sure you can use certain interfaces with IOS ( And certain IOS DAW's can send audio to multiple outputs on the interface. I know it wouldn't be an overnight upgrade but I figured it'd be doable someday. Maybe if there was enough interest it could be something LC could look into. It'd be great to have a drop down menu on each track to send it to a certain output.

about 6 years ago

Was hoping for exactly the same thing. Being able to assign tracks to multiple outputs and also having a stereo mix of your tracks is something I would pay good money for.

almost 6 years ago

We will do this once the hardware is more available and affordable.

about 5 years ago

I'm new to prime and have been looking to a solution to this exact problem. It would be great to have multiple outputs through the lightning port (see Apple's new USB 3 Camera Adapter for how it could potentially connect to an interface). I was wondering if this is an update that has happened yet (still teaching myself the app) or if it may happen soon?