Prime not seeing Song Changes

Prime App


over 2 years ago (edited)

Prime has been having an issue this week. When we launch a song that we have removed 1 of 2 intros, it plays the first intro when that was the part removed while showing that its playing the 2nd intro... then from that point on the cues are off because its playing the original arrangement of the song while playing the cues of the edited version.

over 2 years ago

Hi Kyle, I am sorry you are experiencing issues in Prime. Is this for a track you uploaded, or a track purchased on Loop Community? If it's a song you purchased: Try deleting and re-downloading the song first to see if that helps. This is different than removing the song from your setlist, so be sure to follow these steps: iPad and iPhone: 1. Click Add Song 2. Click Edit 3. Click the red button that appears next to the name of the song that is having problems. 4. Click Delete 5. Click Done 6. In the Add Song section, click the name of the track to redownload it. You should see a loading bar next to the track in your setlist showing it is being re-downloaded. Mac: 1. Click Add Song 2. Hover your mouse over the BPM of the track 3. Click the three dots that appear 4. Click Remove from device 5. In the Add Song Section, click the name of the track to re-download it. You should see a loading bar next to the track in your setlist. After it is finished, click Edit Arrangement again to remove the intro you desire and see if the issue still exists. If it does, please email a video to of the issue so our development team can look at it further. If it's an issue with a custom track, does your track have any time signature or tempo changes in it? Hope this helps! Thanks for being a part of the community! -Derek, The LC Team