PRIME with usb audio interface and Looptimus

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8 days ago

Our worship team uses PRIME on an iPad to feed audio directly to the USB interface on our Allen & Heath Qu series mixer via an Apple lightning to USB3 camera adapter dongle. We would like to add a Looptimus to this to this configuration. Does anyone know if it is possible to insert a USB hub between the iPad and Qu usb audio inteface in order to provide an additional USB port to connect a Looptimus? If so, does anyone have experience with a specific hub that is known to work well. Thanks!


7 days ago

Hey there, We don't recommend using any third party USB hubs as they will often cause issues between your Looptimus and Prime. In order to connect multiple USB devices you have a couple of options. One solution we recommend is to use the Puc+ which is a device will send midi commands wirelessly to your Prime device via bluetooth. You would connect your Looptimus to the Puc+ and then connect the Puc+ to your iPad via bluetooth, and you will be able to use the adapter to run audio to your interface! Puc+ can be found here:

Another solution would be to take a look at the Track Rig. This is a USB audio interface that has a built in USB hub on the back that works great with any midi controller or USB device! All you would need to do is connect Track Rig to your iPad via the USB cable and adapter, then connect your Looptimus to the Track Rig via the USB hub in the back, and you will be good to go! This will allow you to run all of your audio seperately to your soundboard, while allowing you to control Prime with your Looptimus. Check out the Track Rig on the Loop site!


1 day ago

Thank you for the insight and suggested solutions.