Problem Uploading Stems Using Pro Logic X



almost 3 years ago (edited)

So to start I'm new to Logic Pro X, every time I record my stems, export to .wav files, zip the file, then upload to prime cloud it won't upload. PLEASE help. I used to use a DP2488 and never had issues with uploading files. However with Logic I will start to load the files ("4 of 10 files), then continues to refresh (upload) over and over, refreshes the page over and over ("4 of 10 files"). is there something I am doing wrong with exporting to .wav? I've even bounced every stem, then exported to .wav, with the same results. PLEASE someone help.

almost 3 years ago

Hey Steven, I'm sorry for the issues you are having uploading to the PRIME Cloud. It sounds like there may be an issue with one of the files inside of the track. Can you send the zip file to and our team can take a look at the files to see if they can find the problem. Thanks! -Derek, The LC Team