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Hi all! So I've recently started using Ableton's Session view to build a master session from which to run all of my multitracks and loops from when playing live. I'm looking for some help with two key questions: 1) Can I transpose a song? If the multitrack I have is in G, and I transpose it to A in the arrangement view and then copy and paste all the tracks into my master session document, is it going to stay in A? Is there anyway you can transpose from within session view? 2) Similarly, let's say there's a certain part in a multitrack that I want to mute or lower in volume. In arrangement view I can do this using automation, but is there a way to do it in session view or bring the changes I made in the arrangement view into my master template? This might be particularly true for an electric guitar solo. I may have an electric guitarist who will play the solo live, but I don't want to mute the rest of pre-recorded electric part - only the solo. Can I do this? The only way I've found it to import the electric part in sections into my master document and then delete the audio containing the solo. I'm using Live 9. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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Scene 1 is a vamp or a 4 bar loop of percussion and acoustic guitar. It's repeated over and over while the worship leader welcomes the crowd and gets them pumped up for the service. I call it the "howdy!" loop. Scene 2 is the entire loop as a one shot loop with my percussion loop (congas, shakers, etc...) Scene 3 is open and can be used as an emergency stop button. So far there is no clip automation or follow actions needed. Just hit the "howdy!" loop and play along while the WL does their thing, then hit the go button for the tune and we're off and running. Scenes 4-12 are just parts of the tune chopped up into pieces. Each clip starts at a part of the tune and then plays to the end of the section where a follow action tells it to play the next clip. In practice this has the same effect as if you fired off Scene 2 from before, only you can see each clip being cued up and fired off one by one as the tune goes by. If you're in rehearsal, you can go back and work an individual part of the tune. If you're in a worhsip service, maybe the WL might want to go back to a previous part of the tune. This could come in handy there, because you can do that with one click (or keystroke if you've mapped it beforehand) and finish the tune. Downside is that you sure do use a lot of screen space making Scenes for one tune. But... it's a work around for us poor folk. I much prefer using Kyle's idea and the Max4Live plug in that plays Scenes like clip follow actions.

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Great stuff here.