Quick Question on Set-up using Reason Balance, Ableton, and Looptimus



over 6 years ago (edited)

Alright, so I just bought Ableton and I have the Looptimus pedal on order. My question is on setup in a live situation. Current Setup: I'm running Reason with my backing/click tracks on Sunday mornings. I run a stereo signal to the house (via USB to Reason Balance) - and from the Balance interface I run Left/Right to the board. I then have the headphone jack on my Mac designated to my click output. I run an 1/8" out to a DI - to the board, and to the band's in-ears. Question: With adding Ableton Live to the mix (and taking the Reason software out of the equation in a live scenario), am I still able to use my same setup, but just use an additional USB from my Mac to Looptimus? I guess to narrow down the question would be this -- Can Reason Balance still be used as my interface for 'performance' with Ableton if I'm not using Reason? Am I making sense? Thanks

over 6 years ago

Here's a reply I received earlier (in case someone else has the same question) : "I'm not familiar with Reason Balance, but found this on their website: "Balance works out of the box with any recording software on the market" So I'm assuming it should work fine with Ableton Live. The best case scenario would be that you would have an interface that has more than 2 outputs. Then you can send your Click and Tracks out of the same interface instead of having to use your headphone jack as well."