Reason - Ableton Compatibility



about 7 years ago (edited)

Are all the loops and sounds for sale here compatible with Reason? Also, as long as I am not running a clicking or timing system, do I need to use Reason with a keyboard or lead instrument live? I can only use loops with a timed system? Or will the band just have to follow the loop timing? Working with a beginner here with not alot of technical stage items. Keyboards, acoustic/electric worship leader, live drums, and lead guitar. through a soundboard. Thank you! Tamara

about 7 years ago

Hey Tamara. All the tracks available here work in any Audio software that you prefer. Reason is best for creating your own tracks and loops, not to play them back in a live performance. I recommend using Ableton Live or our free iPad / iPhone app, PRIME All of our tracks work seamlessly with Prime.