Rehearsing with Ableton



almost 9 years ago (edited)

Question for you all... How do you rehearse while in session view? I'm not warping the samples I bounce from Reason, so there isn't a measure-by-measure timeline for the clip when I launch a scene. This works great if you don't have to start and stop. During a rehearsal, though, we need to rehearse certain places in the scene. How do you guys run rehearsals with Live? Here's a screen shot of my Live setup.

over 8 years ago (edited)

@mattmccoy sorry, I forgot to specify regarding that... What Ben said is absolutely true: Although there is no need to automate the BPMs for unwarped tracks solely on the basis of actually changing tempos, the grid will still be aligned and will make for easy marker-making. Also, because I rewire Reason into Ableton for my keyboard rig, Reason will follow the tempo changes so that all my delays and effects will stay synced up to Ableton.