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Drums With Caleb

11 days ago

Hey everyone,

I have noticed with Playback by there is a feature called Rentals where you get so many rentals a month depending on your plan and you can use a song for one week in the app. I was wondering if Loop Community has thought about doing this for Prime. Would be great for some people who do a lot of new arrangements or songs alot and don't always know if they want to buy the full track. Another great addition would be if you could buy just a song rental or rentals instead of a subscription base. Sometimes you don't need that many in a month or only need a rental here and there. Thanks


9 days ago

Thanks for the feedback. We actually don't offer rentals as this will end up costing more money over a long term period than owning the track outright. However, we'll make a note of the suggestion and take this into consideration as we move forward!