Running prime through iPhone

Prime App


9 days ago

We have been having issues with our iPad so we had to run prime through an iPhone but had fuzzy sound quality once we connected 1/8 to lightning.....any solution to this? Is there L/R to lightning rather than 1/8? The track sound was awful(distorted) for half the set on Sunday and really want to solve this until we get the iPad back!


8 days ago

Hey there, many of our users use the stereo breakout cable provided on our website. Check this out and confirm if thats the cable you are using. Additionally, if your iPhone only has a lightning port and no headphone jack, then make sure you are using the Apple brand lightning to 1/8th inch adapter, and you shouldn't have any issues. If you conitnue to have problems, let our team know at and we'll look into this further!


7 days ago

Thank you for responding! We replaced the stereo breakout cable and this removed the distortion and will be buying a new lightning to 1/8 just as a precaution!