Saving Midi Cues

Prime App


9 days ago

Is there a way to save midi cues on a song you will use again? For example:

We play RATTLE! one week. I set up all the midi cues. I plan to lead RATTLE! again in a week or two, and instead of having to create all the midi cues again (which I am currently doing) it would be super nice to be able to save all those cues on a song and not have to start from scratch each time.


8 days ago

You can do this by adding that version as a custom arrangement to the Prime Cloud. Then you can add that arrangement to future setlists so you don't have to add the midi cues each time! Check out this video for a demonstration of this.


8 days ago

Yes, what @mattslack said is spot on. It should automatically sync your setlist, but make sure you sync your setlist on other devices as well and overwrite the device (if you set up midi cues on your mac and then sync it on your ipad make sure you overwrite your local device settings). Otherwise it will overwrite your midi cues and you will have to do it again!