Set lists limited to 50 songs?

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26 days ago

Hi guys - I have updated to the new prime version and updated my Ipad to the new apple version - when using prime to add a new song, I'm getting a message that says (something to the effect of) "cannot exceed 50 songs in a set list" Is there a way to over-ride this setting? We currently use prime to run shows that draw from over 200 songs on a nightly basis...we could call any song within that 200 block at anytime - being limited to 50 per set list means that we would have to jump back and forth between different "set lists" to have all 200 hundred available....that would simply take too much time in between songs...any ideas?


20 days ago

Hey Keith,

Unfortunately, at the moment there is not a way to exceed 50 songs in a setlist. We had to adjust this with recent updates. I apologize for the inconvenience!


19 days ago (edited)

We have this same problem. I hope they expand the 50 song limit soon!


14 days ago

Thanks for the response Derkerr....

Is there any plans on the horizon to change this limitation?


14 days ago

I might add that the interesting thing is that we have over 200 songs in the current set list and the update doesn't seem to mind that.....however, when you try to add a song to that 200 song set list, it gives you the "cannot exceed 50 songs in a set list" message......strange things a afoot :)


14 days ago

It won't delete the songs already in the setlist that were created on a previous version of Prime, but it will remove the option to add more if the setlist has 50 or more songs. I've passed along the feedback about the song limit for them to look into. Thanks!