Setting up Looptimus in MainStage



over 4 years ago (edited)

Hey everyone, I just bought a looptimus to use with MainStage. I'm trying to play pads that sustain themselves. I've been able to set this up with an Akai MPK261 to trigger the different keys, and hold them using the Drone Tools patch. I'm trying to get my Looptimus to be able to be used instead of the keyboard so I can change keys easier with the looptimus and my feet when I'm playing guitar. I just bought the Looptimus MainStage patch here on LC, but that seems like it was created to be a secondary controller to a basic keyboard. Can anyone give some tips? I'm pretty new to MainStage yet, so I could be missing something really obvious to someone else. Please ask any questions that might help if I haven't provided the info you need. Thanks!

about 4 years ago

Hey Joe! You should use PAD mode on the Looptimus. Select the patch in MainStage that you want to use, then trigger it through the key you're playing in, octave, etc.