song sequencing within a master session library



about 6 years ago (edited)

Hey everyone, So I'm trying to build a "master library" of all our songs in one session and I'm wondering the best practice to do it. I want to sequence out each song, so I can repeat or jump to areas out of order, (helps during rehearsals. I know using local markers is probably out. I think what I may have to do is bounce each song section as it's own file and then insert that into a new scene. For example, in Logic I bounce just the chorus, then bring those chorus tracks into a scene. The location markers are wonderful if you have one song in one session, but arrangement view in Live could get messy fast with multiple tempos and all that. Am i missing a better option? seems like lots of leg work on the front end. LOTS of work. but if that what i gotta do, thats why i gotta do.

about 6 years ago

It's pretty easy to bounce to song sections in session view by starting the clips and scrolling the arrangement position wheel on the toolbar. I will typically open up the CUES clip so I can better see the location in the song as I scroll the wheel. I have been using arrangement view a lot more lately, though, as I like creating smooth transitions/fades between songs.