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Stems compressing and clipping - Upload Question

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almost 4 years ago (edited)

Hello, I am new to Loop Community and I have questions about bouncing/exporting stems before uploading the zip file. Whenever I re-import the bounced stems into a blank Logic project (for double checking), everything clips and the stems lose their initial balance (they lose their place in the mix; everything is too compressed.) I bounced each stem as a wav file with plenty of headroom and no compressors on the mix buss or the output/master, so I am not sure why these bounced files are all screaming when imported to a blank project. Is this normal? Do you guys export/bounce files a certain way? Thanks for your time, Geva

almost 4 years ago

In Logic there is an option to include Volume/Pan automation when you export tracks. I always make sure this is checked, as I use automated volume to adjust the mix throughout a song. You might want to try with that option selected. There is also an overload protection on the export that is checked by default - you should obviously leave that checked too. I use Logic 9 still - assume the same options exist in Logic X.