stop tracks in Ableton without stopping midi instrument?



over 7 years ago (edited)

Problem - When I lead from the keyboard. I use synth and piano sounds in Ableton. Let’s say I want to stop the track near the end of the song. Usually I press the space bar it stops everything, my problem is it also stops the notes being held out by the instrument tracks so I have to quickly play another chord. Not conducive to setting a worshipful atmosphere. Solution - I assign another key on the computer keyboard/ midi controller to the track activator button essentially muting the backing track while keeping everything else playing. The reason is the Start/ Stop assigned to the space bar stops the message from the sustain pedal that is holding out the notes from the previous chord. I was wondering if there was a better way?

over 7 years ago

I am curious if someone has a solution to this...

over 7 years ago

I just accomplished this i think by firing a scene with a blank midi clip in it when i wanted to end the song. the note i was holding on the instrument continued to play. I was not using a sustain pedal. just did it from the keyboard but would think it would still work because it did not kill the midi note.

about 7 years ago

Found the solution! the "stop all clips" button does the trick. I found it thanks to Caleb Culver from IHOP KC