Stress-free looping/lingering in Live - one-touch/press on, one touch/press off.



about 9 years ago (edited)

The Problem - when leading worship yourself and at the same time controlling Live's stems (or loops or tracks or whatever), its not easy to be confident of Live's lingering on a say a chorus or talky bit. Until now I've done the usual tap-dance within the last few bars to set a section repeat, then furtively looked down to make sure it's taken. Sometimes I've unknowingly hit it twice or not at all with the ensuing confusion. Live's loop facilities help a lot but what I really want is to be able to tell Live, at any time before I get there, that I want to linger in the upcoming chorus or instrumental part or whatever. My solution - insert a MIDI "control track" that contains "skip to last locator" commands. Have this track's on/off (mute) status controlled by a footswitch (I have this footswitch bracketed by some aluminium angle so I can reach for it without stopping the song). I use Bome's MIDI translator to achieve this. I insert simple, bright green, MIDI clips into the set where I might want to linger. To remind the band there's a section we might want to repeat, I've already highlighted that bit in the band's leadsheets and added an audio cue fro those on IEMs. As they can also see if the mute button is on or off they know whether I'm going to repeat or not. Result - if I want to linger a bit, it's easy to hit the pedal to tell Live to keep repeating a section until I say move on. Of course, I have still have another footpedal midi mapped to the same "skip to last locator" for ad-hoc section repeats. I can't see it being used much now though (maybe just to keep the band on their toes). Here's a quick video to illustrate. More detail to follow - feel free to comment or email me with any questions meanwhile.

about 9 years ago (edited)

Hey Patrick, Cool idea. I'm always looking for new little tricks for my Ableton toolkit. Appreciate your sharing! It got me thinking (especially since Bome's is pretty pricey and requires some set up) that there is surely a way to do this within Ableton. With the help of Google, I figured it out! Instead of sending the message to Bome's MT from Ableton, just create your IAC Port in the AUDIO / MIDI app. Then turn on the Remote Input of that port in Ableton Live preferences. Voila! Now, that midi note can be assigned to any on screen function that you'd want to control--including "play previous locator."

almost 9 years ago (edited)

well done @jeffcaylor. Bome's is definitely very pricey.