Switching between Ableton and Mainstage/Dream Foot



almost 5 years ago

Hi all, our church's current set up is guitar, vocals, and drums. I use a ton of tracks and pads via Ableton. I am looking into purchasing Dream Foot x3 and the DreamPads Pro to use with Mainstage. Love the pad sounds and ease of use/flexibility of Dream Foot. However, I don't want there to be a lag between songs in the set if I switch from Ableton to Dream Foot. I also use Looptimus (ofcourse) to transition through the set. There's got to be a way to seamlessly switch between Ableton and Dream Foot. Any suggestions? (Yes, I've thought about just using pads via Ableton, but the flexibility and sounds of Dream Foot via Mainstage are very appealing...) Thank you!