Syncing Setlist and Songs from Ipad to Computer

Leading Worship


about 2 months ago

While trying to SYNC my Ipad I have been getting a reoccuring error Sync Status - "An error occured while syncing songs and setlist"

I have:

Updated my iPad

Loop Prime is up to date

Restarted my iPad

Anyone else experiencing issues? Please help


Cornerstone Worship


about 2 months ago

Having similar issues. Needing help also!


about 2 months ago

Having the same issue. Please help!


about 2 months ago

Hey guys, this seems to occur when using certain tracks that were recently updated by loop. To get your setlist working again, delete the songs within them from your device and re-download them from the server and add them back to your setlist. Sorry for the trouble there, but your setlist should sync fine at that point! We are working on a fix for this to prevent future cases from happening in the future.