Thoughts on Akai Ableton Controller? (APC40?)



almost 9 years ago (edited)

Hi everyone, I'm still fairly new to Ableton Live but am starting to set up all of my worship sets this way. Do any of you have experience with Akai's Ableton controllers? I'm specifically looking at the APC40 as a possible solution. Was just wondering if anyone has tried one of these and what you like/dislike about it.

almost 9 years ago (edited)

It's amazing. Feels solid. Faders and encoders are solid. Everything is MIDI mappable. Encoders are endless with LED feedback. (Very Very nice) Some downsides. It isn't bus powered. Pads are not velocity sensitive. There are only 16 Encoders. 8 with 8 banks. It can be a little big.

over 8 years ago (edited)

It's the bomb, it looks cool, and it interfaces with Ableton perfectly. 2 thumbs up. Booyah. My biggest complaint, as dugan mentioned, is the size. It's not heavy, but it is awkward and you'd probably have a rough time throwing it in your backpack. But did I mention it is bomb??