Time Signature Change to Piano Roll



about 7 years ago (edited)

I understand how to make a time signature change in Ableton 9. The time signature is not reflected in the measures in the piano roll of the midi clip. I want to add band cues but the measures are all messed up. How do I get the piano roll of the midi clip to reflect the change in the arrangement view?

about 7 years ago

I would probably attack it by making several clips in the same track. Each one would reflect the time signature, and every time it changed, so would the clip begin anew. This won't solve your problem of keeping the measure numbers the same as the global though. This has been something I've dealt with in the past. I found some discussion of it on the Ableton forums here: https://forum.ableton.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=191552 In the manual, the topics covered in chapter 6 come close to the answer, but I'm guessing that we are not allowed to manipulate the time signature in the clip itself. Maybe if you did what I described in the first paragraph of this post, then consolidated the whole track after it's over? I suspect that will put it all back into one time signature again... ::: sigh ::: In the manual, section 8.1.3 discusses it briefly, but this means you would have several back-to-back clips that will throw off your matching measure numbers, but match the sound and the click track/metronome beep. Once you render that to audio, it would match by measure number and sound. I hope this helps in some way...