Track playback issue

Prime App


3 months ago

Hi, we have occassionally experienced an issue where when playing a track in Prime, the track is silent (but visually appears as if if playing) and the click and cues work fine.

I think, but I am not certain, that this only happens on certain tracks.

I am running prime on an M1 Mac. I notice the last update was a year ago so I was wondering if this could be an M1 compatibility issue.



3 months ago

Thanks for reaching out! First, can you try re-downloading it to your device? You can delete it by clicking Add Song, then clicking the three dots over the BPM (Mac). Then click remove from device. Then, select it once more and it will re-download to your device. Try this and let us know if you continue to have issues!


3 months ago

thanks I can certainly try this, however often the first time it happens is during a live set. The track will be playing just fine each time its played during rehearsal and then it happens randomly.

thanks for your help


3 months ago

Thanks for the info! Try re-downloading the track and then test it to make sure everything is running correctly. Then if you continue to find this, email our support staff at and we can troubleshoot further!


about 1 month ago

Hi guys

I also had this same issue just last weekend in the middle of a performance.

Prime App appears to be operating as normal, but in this case everything that was routed out to Stereo 2&3 was silent.

I am using Prime App on an iPad Pro into Trackrig.

In a Set of 8 songs, this happened on 2 songs.

After the performance I did go back and reload the songs from PrimeCloud, and they played as normal.

If there is any follow up / troubleshooting on this, pleaae 'keep me in the loop' as I can't have this happenning on a regular basis.

Cheers and thanks


27 days ago

app not working


26 days ago

Sorry to hear this! Can you tell us a bit more specifically what you're experiencing? We're not seeing any issues from our end and would love to help you get it up and running!