Track Rig Disconnects from MacBook Pro

Track Rig


14 days ago

Hello friends!

Our track rig will randomly disconnect from our MacBook Pro. We have the Track Rig connected straight from the MacBook with a short USB cable. No cables are disconnected or loose when this happens. The only way we can reconnect the Track Rig is by uplugging the power source and resetting the output.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you,



11 days ago

Hey Josh!

What model/year of Macbook are you usings? Also, have you tried using the Track Rig with a different computer?

- Andrew


10 days ago

Hey Andrew!

It's a 2015 MacBook Pro, 16gb ram and yes, we have tried it with a couple of different MacBook's - both are 2015.


7 days ago

Interesting. I'd be very curious if it happens with a different year of MacBook or with any other device (iPhone/iPad).

A couple of other thoughts:

- Do a PRAM reset on the Mac (

- Try hooking your Track Rig into a USB hub before going into the Macbook. I know, sounds weird and redundant but I've heard of that bridging connection issues with select computers.

Keep us updated!