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about 1 month ago

I have songs where some select parts have a different meter than the rest. Does the Prime app have the ability to identify these or at least allow me to manually set the time signature for those sections?


15 days ago

Sadly no... This is one area that i feel the Prime App could use some help in compared to others like ableton, and Playback


3 days ago

This would be a pity if it was the case, however, that's not the case... Actually, I do think this is one of the areas where the Prime App could be improved in comparison to its competitors, such as Ableton and Playback Mobile, both of which are capable of offering similar features to the Prime App.


3 days ago

“Mixed Meter” is a term for compositions that use multiple time signatures (check out our five-part deep-dive into the world of time signatures here). Mixed meter compositions date back as far as the 14th century, although their usage off paper is much older. When we think of modern mixed meter music in western culture, genres typically known for using multiple time signatures in one song—like progressive or psychedelic music—come to mind.

Recording m songs can be a tricky process because of their inherent irregular rhythm change. Their different tempos require multiple metronome settings for tracking, a hurdle for producers and engineers when programming metronome automation. In certain DAWs, automating metronomes can get very messy and confusing. ixed-meter

The Spire Studio metronome makes tracking multiple time signatures in one project simple. With Spire’s metronome, you have four options for time signatures: 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, and 1/4 (this option is multifaceted, it can be used with any time signature that uses four on the bottom). After recording a passage using one of these time signatures, you can pick up where you left off with a completely different time signature and tempo.

Pro Tip: Before you begin tracking your composition, you should have your foundation set in stone. To make this process go smoothly, be sure to record all of your mixed meter rhythms first before tracking the rest of the instruments. Doing so will minimize the amount of work overall.

So many keyboards, so many time signatures, so much tracking

So many keyboards, so many time signatures, so much tracking

Let’s analyze a m composition that uses all four of the metronome options. In each example, we’ll go over how to change the course of your song using the metronome. After this, you’ll be composing challenging pieces in no time. ixed-meter

Take a listen to this mixed meter composition recorded in Spire Studio.

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