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16 days ago

After using Prime for the first time on a music festival, I only have RAVE reviews ... it was fantastic!

One question regarding transitions.

I had assumed that the most basic of transitions would be that when a track ends, Prime would skip to the start of next track in the setlist, awaiting the PLAY command from my Looptimus Mini.

A 'Pre-Load Next' option I guess, that would take the 'Next' click out of the process.

Does anyone know how I can achieve this within the currently offered transitions options?

If it is not currently possible, would anyone find a 'Pre Load' option useful for future updates?



14 days ago

Hey there, You can automate your transitions in the Prime app using the different Flow options in the setlist. Check out this video for a demonstration of each so you can use one that best fits your specific application! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQMcL-njVFg&t=132s&ab_channel=LoopCommunity


13 days ago

Thanks for the reply Matt

I enjoy using the transitions, they make for a super smooth set of music.

The one that's missing is a simple "Load Next" option, but without the next track automatically starting.

Currently from my experience, we need to click NEXT, followed by PLAY. It would be really cool to just have the next song pre load, and the user can just hit PLAY when ready to rock.

Really enjoying the Prime App with Looptimus Mini!!

Pre Load option may come up in conversation for transition updates ūü§Ē



13 days ago

Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to pass the idea along to our development team!


6 days ago

I second this! It would be awesome!