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8 months ago

Am I the only person frustrated that the (what seemed to be) unlimited cloud storage for the standard version of Prime got cut to only 300MB of storage? My library is currently 6.55GB in size, and I prepaid over $800 for future track purchases because I wanted to support Prime's business model of not charging to use their app like Multitracks did. I can't help but feel burned to have a $10/m paywall thrown on me out of nowhere. Deleting my tracks every week and reuploading them is not an acceptable solution for your customers who are used to having unlimited storage up until this point. And I realize it may have not been unlimited, but I say unlimited because I could never find any information on how much storage we got. I know it was at least 6.55GB because that's the size of my library before the "Pro" version was launched.

I don't what to be a complainer, and I really want to continue to use Prime if some of these problems can be sorted out. Here are a few suggestions that would keep me around.

1) Have cheaper options than $10/m. Maybe a pricing model such as...

10GB Cloud Storage - Free (Standard Prime)

25GB Cloud Storage - $5/m (Prime Pro)

50GB Cloud Storage - $10/m (Prime Pro)

2) Use credits to pay for subscription. I have over 800 credits left from my last pre-purchase. There's a better chance I'll continue to use the Prime app if I can use those credits to pay for the monthly fee.

I really hope the pricing model (and all of the new bugs) get worked out. I have been praising Prime to everyone I know for the last 6 months, and now I'm telling everyone to stay clear from it unless these problems are addressed.


8 months ago

Hey there,

Thanks so much for the feedback. Although right now, only the $9.99 option is available, we will be bringin additional teirs to the Loop Pro Subscription model that will provide other storage options and features. Thank you so much for your patience as we continue to optimize the Loop Pro and its features for you guys.


8 months ago (edited)

I wish i could have at least the storage we previouly had to continue using the app, i can live without the new features in the Pro Version since i have been good all this time and all i’d like to have is the storage but i can’t afford $10 a month.

Is painful for small churches like mine. This is a good move in terms of business tho. It was a good free resource until the Pro version was launched.



4 months ago

I agree 100%. Existing users who have supported Loop Community Prime and praised its value to bring on additional customers should be rewarded with a loyalty bonus/ discount. This could be zero fees, or heavily reduced fees, or if fees must apply, possibly phased in over a longer period and tiered to only apply to users with the highest storage needs. The storage fees would be better applied in full to new users only who don't know any different and will have clear expectations from the outset. Inclusive storage was a key deciding differentiator. This unprecedented move now needs careful reassessment against competing apps. Was there no looper consultation? Receiving an email notification 1 month prior to such a momentous change has seriously shaken my trust in Loop Community Leadership.


4 months ago


I'm from Italy and I love the Prime app, but I would like to suggest you a new pro subscription plan. For example, in Italy musicians do not play live every month. The musician is a seasonal profession, almost always.

It would be fantastic to have a limit of over 300mb (3gb ???) but to have the possibility to "freeze" the account in the inactivity period without losing all the loaded content, even completely blocking the app if necessarely until the plan is renewed, without deleting uploaded files.

Something similar to prepaid phone plans: if you don't pay, you can't use it and if you don't pay within 6 months, the account dies and all the files deleted.

It could be an excellent solution for many musicians.

I have no pricing suggestions, but I think everyone would be willing to pay over $4.99/month for this option.

What do you think about it?

Sorry for my english... I know... beginner level :)

Thank you



4 months ago

Interesting idea! Although for now, we are going to stick with the options that have been released, we'll take this into account!


3 months ago

Yeah, I went ahead and deleted over, 2gs of music because it said that my storage was almost full not really grasping that i still needed to upgrade. It's really frustrating that it came out of no where!


3 months ago

I'm with you 100%! I can no longer recommend Prime to other worship leaders and churches. I reluctantly "became a pro" as to not lose all my uploaded tracks, but am looking at going back to Ableton Live...this is rediculous!!


3 months ago

Sorry to hear that this came as a surprise to you guys. We have been emailing about this change since october of 2019 in hopes that each user would see the notice at some point before the change was iplemented. In any case, we truly believe that this will enable us to continue to create and provide tools for churches and worship leaders for many years to come! This was not an easy decision, but we hope that you can understand as our business continues to grow, so do costs associated with developing these tools. Our heart has always been and will alwasy be for the local church, and we greatly appreciate you being a part of the community. Please feel free to reach out with any questions at all!


3 months ago

This comment has been deleted.


2 months ago

Hey everyone, based on your feedback we added a "Cloud Starter" plan that gives you 5GB of space for only $4.99/month. We were able to pay for everyone's cloud storage for 8 years, but it became too much for us unfortunately and we need people to pitch in so we can keep developing Prime and make it great. Thanks for understanding.


about 2 months ago

Thanks for doing what you could for as long as you could, guys! It took me a month to sort through the 20 something GBs I had going back years. An inconvenience? yes. But, honestly, there were a lot of files that were idle taking up storage space after nearly 6 years of using Prime. I have back ups so if I ever need them again, it takes minutes to upload. I get the complaining, but come on guys, Matt and everyone at Loopcommunity have earned our understanding and deserve a little slack as they try to keep Prime accessable and working. And let's be a bit blunt about the strawman arguement here, if $10 a month for Prime is too pricey for your budget, how in the world are you affording tracks? There's a point when trying to make ministry related businesses feel horrible for having to make money to exist makes you look ridiculous.


about 2 months ago

Thanks for the encouragement brother.