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11 days ago

Am I the only person frustrated that the (what seemed to be) unlimited cloud storage for the standard version of Prime got cut to only 300MB of storage? My library is currently 6.55GB in size, and I prepaid over $800 for future track purchases because I wanted to support Prime's business model of not charging to use their app like Multitracks did. I can't help but feel burned to have a $10/m paywall thrown on me out of nowhere. Deleting my tracks every week and reuploading them is not an acceptable solution for your customers who are used to having unlimited storage up until this point. And I realize it may have not been unlimited, but I say unlimited because I could never find any information on how much storage we got. I know it was at least 6.55GB because that's the size of my library before the "Pro" version was launched.

I don't what to be a complainer, and I really want to continue to use Prime if some of these problems can be sorted out. Here are a few suggestions that would keep me around.

1) Have cheaper options than $10/m. Maybe a pricing model such as...

10GB Cloud Storage - Free (Standard Prime)

25GB Cloud Storage - $5/m (Prime Pro)

50GB Cloud Storage - $10/m (Prime Pro)

2) Use credits to pay for subscription. I have over 800 credits left from my last pre-purchase. There's a better chance I'll continue to use the Prime app if I can use those credits to pay for the monthly fee.

I really hope the pricing model (and all of the new bugs) get worked out. I have been praising Prime to everyone I know for the last 6 months, and now I'm telling everyone to stay clear from it unless these problems are addressed.


10 days ago

Hey there,

Thanks so much for the feedback. Although right now, only the $9.99 option is available, we will be bringin additional teirs to the Loop Pro Subscription model that will provide other storage options and features. Thank you so much for your patience as we continue to optimize the Loop Pro and its features for you guys.


8 days ago (edited)

I wish i could have at least the storage we previouly had to continue using the app, i can live without the new features in the Pro Version since i have been good all this time and all i’d like to have is the storage but i can’t afford $10 a month.

Is painful for small churches like mine. This is a good move in terms of business tho. It was a good free resource until the Pro version was launched.