Upgrading to Ableton Live Standard or Suite?



almost 6 years ago (edited)

Hey guys, new to LC and also to Ableton/looping. I am looking for ways to grow in my ministry and calling to the church and feel like a great way to do this is to dive into Ableton and the use of loops in our services. I have a copy of Ableton Live 9 Intro heading to me in the mail right now. I noticed on Sweetwater today for the holiday weekend that they have an upgrade from Intro to Standard on sale, as well as an upgrade from Intro to Suite on sale. Would it be wise to just go ahead and bite the bullet and upgrade to Standard or Suite? I am unsure on how many outputs I really need to be honest. Thanks for any input and God bless. Josh Thomas Minister of Music and Worship FBC Port Neches, TX

almost 6 years ago

Josh, This step in your ministry can be a very encouraging one as it has for me. As to what you should do with upgrading Ableton all I can offer is my experience. 3 years ago I started to learn Ableton Intro and even that was far beyond my experience and even need but it was a great place to start. After spending a year with it and really learning it I upgraded to standard. It has been such a blessing for our congregation and band members to feel like a full band every week with at times two instrumentalists. My advice would be to learn Intro and if it's something you really like doing and learning then I would upgrade. I'd hate for you to invest that much money upfront and it lead nowhere. Blessings, Judd Moss Music Minister Westridge Christian Church, Kansas City, MO