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over 5 years ago (edited)

I liked what I read about the app so much I bought an iPad. I didn't however realize that when uploading custom files was necessary that it meant to Loop Community/Prime rather than the app directly- through the app or iTunes etc. Why is uploading to the server necessary? I did a show today with just stereo tracks loaded into it - and the auto start track (or not) option alone was worth it. I also have a show with stems and click and cues and I'm REALLY looking forward to that...Until now been using Ableton and an i/o and a laptop...works fine- but the gui sucks and it's not very flexible.

over 5 years ago

Hey Jamie! Glad you are enjoying the App! Uploading to the server is a necessary part of getting tracks into the app for a number of reasons(mostly technical). But the main beneficial reasons are this: By Uploading the tracks they become attached to your prime cloud account...everyone gets a free unlimited cloud account when you sign up here at LC. This houses your personal tracks you upload and your tracks that you purchase from LC. So with that you don't have to worry about taking up space on you ipad which unless you have the 128gb or 64gb is limited. So you can always delete songs to conserve space and redownload them into prime quickly and at will. And it also serves as a backup for your tracks. God forbid if something happened to your ipad or your hard drive where you had your tracks saved and couldn't retrieve them. With your Prime Cloud account you can always go back in and download the tracks you've uploaded to it. Secondly, While uploading you have the option to release your stems to us to sale here in the community. We gain a license for it and cue it up for sale and you will receive commissions from that. Hope that helps clear it up!

over 2 years ago

Hi, I used to upload more than 200MB zip files to my loop uploader. I'm surprised to see that there is now a limit of 200MB. How come?

over 2 years ago

I'm having the same issue as Sofiri...My zip file is around 400MB since I'm using .wav files instead of m4a

over 2 years ago

I am having the same problem. What has happened. What can't i upload my files to prime now??