Producing Tracks

Uploading Original Tracks - Static and Crackling.

Producing Tracks


about 3 years ago (edited)

I have stems from the original recordings that I uploaded to the LC so we can run the tracks from prime... When they play back they sound super lo-fi and crackly/staticky... am I missing something??

about 3 years ago

Hey Bent, Are you using PRIME for Mac with an audio interface? Or another setup? If you are using an interface with PRIME for Mac and are hearing a static or crackle in your audio, for now you will have to use the built in click in PRIME. Go to your settings, turn on "Generate Click Dynamically" then go to "Edit Song", "Edit Markers" and add one section marker. This should fix the audio issue. Our development team is working on fixing the issue so you don't have to use the built in click. Hope this helps! Let us know if you are using a different setup. -Derek, The LC Team

almost 2 years ago

This is probably obvious, but make sure key & tempo is correct in the info when you upload it. Too much stretching and warping can cause this.