Using Looptimus to access Strymon Timeline Looper



about 6 years ago (edited)

Hey there, I'm trying to figure out how to use the looptimus to control my timeline's looper component. The following website lists out the midi CCs for each looper function: MIDI CC values: Record – CC# 87, any value Play – CC# 86, any value Stop – CC# 85, any value Reverse (toggle) – CC# 94, any value Full/Half Speed (toggle) – CC# 95, any value Pre/Post (toggle) – CC# 96, any value Undo (to initial loop) – CC# 89, any value Redo – CC# 90, any value Looper Level – CC# 90, value range 0-17 I've made one of my banks in the looptimus a "looper" bank, which is set up to have the program changes for Record (87), Play (86) and Stop (85). The problem is, instead of it accessing the looper, it changes the preset instead... What am I doing wrong? Cheers

about 6 years ago

You will likely need to use default (DEF) mode on the Looptimus instead of program change (PC) mode. PC mode will send a program change MIDI message along with a MIDI note message on each button push, which is what is changing your presets. Also, the only CC messages Looptimus sends are with the use of an expression pedal, so you will only be able to have the looper respond to the MIDI note messages sent by the Looptimus. See the section in the looper MIDI specifications that says "Looper MIDI control via MIDI note #’s". You will be limited to that functionality. Finally, since neither the Looptimus nor the Looper alone give you any flexibility in remapping the MIDI note messages, I don't think you'll be able to assign the buttons to the place that you want them. I use an Ableton M4L device called MIDI NOTE REMAPPER that I use for remapping buttons on the Looptimus, but it sounds like you are plugging the Looptimus directly into the Looper.

about 6 years ago

If you have Looptimus in PC mode, this should work.