Using Prime and multi out feature with a thunderbolt interface

Prime App


over 3 years ago (edited)

Hi all. Is anyone using or had experience using the prime with a thunderbolt interface such as Focusrite Clarette series? I have a Clarette 2 and 8 in which I use a USB hub with multi USB and thunderbolt slots. It works fine with multiple midi controllers and my MAC, however when plugging my iPad to hub with lightning to usb A, Prime does not recognize and activate the multi out feature. Are there any options for using iPad (lightning to USB-A cable/connection) with a thunderbolt interface to utilize Prime's multi out feature? Thanks

over 3 years ago

Hey Kern, It's likely the adapter that's going into the iPad to connect the interface. Are there drives or software from Focusrite that can help connect and route the interface?