Using the LOOP feature in the newest version of Prime (Version 2.10.1)

Prime App


about 6 years ago (edited)

Let me start by saying I think this version (2.10.1) is the best version of prime to come out so far! BUT, I've been trying to add metadata and tags to my mp3 tracks in order to the new loop sections feature in my original tracks. I can't seem to figure out how to do it properly. If someone has successfully done this, please share your process. NOTE: I use mostly Adobe Audition and Pro-Tools to make my tracks.

about 6 years ago

I'd be interested in this functionality as well. For a while now I have considered developing my own multitracks app to have the song-section functionality, the ability to play pads during transitions, crossfade songs, etc. If PRIME already supports song sections/etc and allows custom tracks to be uploaded with song metadata structures/maps, well then that would be icing on the cake as I already love and have very much used the PRIME upload service. Also, I could really get down with a paid pro version that would allow iTunes file sync/Dropbox/Google Drive sync of tracks so that a user doesn't always have to go through the main PRIME uploader page since that service is at times down/backlogged. I understand it's place as it provides LoopCommunity revenue if an artist checks the 'for sale' box, but that's only ever going to be a target base of people. For the common less technologically adept worship leader, it'd be handy dandy to have the reliability of other file sync alternatives. A WIFI file transfer sort of thing would be perfect as everyone knows the iOS document transfer capability built into iTunes leaves much to be desired. PRIME is SOO close to being perfect and provide the perfect balance of simplicity, convenience, and functionality. Hoping that it makes it the rest of the way there very soon. :)

almost 6 years ago

I wold also be willing to pay for a version of prime that alowed for other tipes of sync! And i am sure there are many musicians arround the world that would to!