Feature Requests

We NEED to be able to take out the ending.

Feature Requests


10 days ago

Hey guys! We have been using Loop Community for about 2 months and have LOVED the pads, enhancement tracks, and set list features. These features are better than Playback in my opinion. However...

Not being able to either remove the "End" section OR preset a "Fade out" before the end OR set the end time before the end section is crazy frustrating if you differ from the recorded arrangement. We did "Who You Say I Am" and wanted a relaxed chorus to close. I didn't hit the fade out on my midi controller in time and we ran into a jarring jump in volume and intensity.

If we could just simply remove the end section or have the capacity to pre-set the fade out before the end section begins, that would really help our teams out.

Again, LC has so many great features and I enjoy the app's team/volunteer friendly interface. Additionally, this is a very affordable option for our organization and we really appreciate that.

Thanks for letting us provide some feedback!


8 days ago

Try setting your end time to before the jarring ending. I have one medley song that I use the beginning and end time feature to jump to the part I want. ie. See a Victory/ Surrounded. I have a playlist with just that song done three different ways. 1. is the full version; 2. is just "See A Victory", and 3. is just "Surrounded." All that was accomplished by changing the beginning and ending times. I| think you have to have a cloud account to be able to do this, though.