Leading Worship


7 days ago

Welcome to the leading worship group! Looking forward to many discussions about all things leading worship - team culture, worship leadership, setlist planning, burnout, etc.

Introduce yourself and let us know where you lead worship and how long you’ve been leading for.


6 days ago

Hi All,

My name is Sergio. I've been involved in worship as a band member or worship leader for more than 40 years, praise God! I've been leading worship for the last 3 years at Salem Evangelical Free Church ( Spanish congregation) in the heart of Chicago. About two years ago I started using a digital mixer, later I discovered Prime and Loop Community. I incorporated backing tracks into our Sunday worship service and now there is no looking back.

I look forward to sharing and learning from your experience and feedback.

BTW, I'm an using a Behringer XR-18 and will be migrating to a PreSonus Studiolive 32 soon.


My name is Kiley. I am a worship leader at Liberty Baptist Church in Chatsworth, GA. I lead worship in our main adult services but I also am the head worship leader/organiser for our youth group. I can't wait to learn new tips and tricks and just hear from other worship leaders, on how to make it more effective and just better overall. I just took on the job as head of the band in May, but I have been leading worship by singing and playing guiatars and keys for 5 years.


6 days ago

Nick Sanders, worship pastor at Waddill Street Baptist Church in McKinney, Texas, just outside of Dallas. I’ve been here 2 years, and have led worship for the past 20 years or so. We use Prime (on a MacBook), in conjunction with Looptimus, a Mini (chained to the Looptimus), and a TrackRig. Happy to be a part of the group, and always open to helping other leaders of small (and large) churches overcome tech challenges.


6 days ago

Hello everyone

My name is Seth, and I'm currently leading worship at Sydney Onnuri Church in Sydney Australia. Our church is a Korean immigrant based church and I'm serving at the English speaking ministry. I've been leading for about 9 months at this ministry and I've been leading for about 10 years.

I'm a completely foreign to the use of the loop and would love to learn. I love my current team and would love to see them grow (they are all young uni kids).


5 days ago

Hey guys, been worship pastor/leader for some 20 years now and played in worship teams for some more! Originally from Tulsa but now live in Central Nebraska. Love Loop Community and the great products they bring for leading worship (thanks Matt!), use Prime app on IPad for Sunday mornings as well as Loopitmus mini to control Prime and Ableton Live. Looking forward to chatting with you guys!


Drew Weir


5 days ago (edited)

Paul here, sending our love from Abu Dhabi in the UAE. I oversee our worship team here at Cornerstone Church. Over 45 nationalities making Abu Dhabi our home with a heart for the City, the Nation, and the rest of the world. Prime has been an incredible tool for us in an environment rather short of musicians! Thanks for all you do!

I’ve been leading worship for around 10 years now.