Which version of Ableton should I buy?



almost 10 years ago (edited)

Here is a common question we receive: "Matt, I don't know if I should buy Ableton Live Intro or Live 8. What would you suggest for someone who just wants to play loops for Sunday morning?"   Answer: Deciding on which version of Ableton Live to purchase depends on a few questions. One is how many audio outputs do you need / want? Live Intro gives you a maximum of 2 outputs... which would work fine for a mono loop, and click. However, if you want stereo loops and a click, you'll need to go with Live 8. With Live Intro, you are also limited to the number of audio inputs, as well as audio tracks (64). However - Live Intro works really great for those who want to get started using LIve and don't have a need for more than 2 outputs (mono loop + click).

almost 9 years ago (edited)

Here's a pretty exhaustive comparison chart. I always keep this one handy!

almost 7 years ago

Sorry to revive an old thread here, but I have a similar question.. Matt, you said in this thread that Live Intro has 2 outputs. According to Ableton's site, it says that Live Intro version 9 has 4 outputs but only 2 sends/returns. Is this different than previous versions? Should I be paying attention to the Output count, or the sends/returns count?? Also, what other limitations might I come up against? I'm running Logic Pro 9 right now, but would like to switch to Ableton to start running loops at my church. The church budget may only allow for me to get Live Intro at this time. If I make all of my loops in Logic, but only want Ableton to do the actually triggering of the worship set loops, are there any other limitations I should know of with Live Intro 9? It says Live Intro 9 only has 8x scenes, but I'm ignorant as to what that means in practical terms.. Will this hinder the amount of songs/loops I can have in a given set? Thanks! Dan