Windows 10, Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, and Ableton Live 9



over 5 years ago (edited)

Has anyone had any issues recently with a focusrite scarlett communicating to Ableton? I finally sat down last night to do some recording for the first time since upgrading to windows 10 and my interface would not work correctly. It would start recording, but after 15-20 measures would just freeze Ableton. I have used Ableton to run clicks with windows 10 so I don't think it is a Ableton/windows problem. I have downloaded the most recent Ableton (9.5) and control software for the focusrite. I also don't have beefiest laptop so the CPU was running pretty hot, but that seems to be the norm when working with Ableton. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

over 5 years ago

I'm not running W10 (yet) so can't say anything definitive regarding possible driver issues but, regardless, Focusrite latest drivers don't show to be tested with W10 so you might want to reach out to their tech support folks to find out what they say. Something else to be mindful about is ensuring you're not introducing static electricity into your system. Static electricity wreaks havoc on the audio interfaces....whenever my rig locks up, it's always when I'm wearing shoes that generate a lot of static and I'm not grounded before touching any part of my rig (laptop, mouse, midi controllers).