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I have a pretty MASSIVE session that hold our entire catalog. I run everything in session view and have every song broken up into clips V1, C, V2, Bridge, C etc. All of my tracks are 44.1 kHz. I'm running into issues with the session becoming too large and taking a long time to load. I've cleared out the cache and un-used files (GB's of stuff!) but ableton has suggested that I consider turning off HiQ on some of my clips to help with CPU pull etc.

I'm just curious to see if any of y'all have done that and if that will effect my ability to warp and pitch things up/down?


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Hello, I am currently getting ready to switch from iPad prime set up to a full ableton with control over lighting and pro presenter. The only MacBook we have on stage is running mainstage for our keys. Would it be possible to run that and ableton with a looptimus plugged in for switching? If so, what interface or hardware would you get to run everything. We have a beast MacBook in the sound booth that will runs pro presenter but I want looptimus control from the stage. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I asked this a while ago, but never got any response. There are several songs that I play using prime which have a random 2/4 bar interjected into an otherwise 4/4 song such as Kristian Stanfill's song "My Heart Is Yours" at the end of the chorus. I have made my own click tracks which I have modified to accommodate for this, but when you're arranging the markers within the Prime app, you cannot change the section other than every 4 bars which makes the vocal cues no longer line up and does not allow me to loop a section on the fly as the app usually does so well. I don't even see an option when uploading a track into prime to set the entire song as 2/4. The only options are 6/8, 4/4, 3/4, 5/4, 7/8. Is this an update that can be made in the future to the app? Is there just something I'm missing?

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I have an MSI PC that I run tracks and various Native Instruments patches through Ableton 9. I plug them into my Track Rig along with a NanoKontrol.

My QUESTION is can my keyboardist, who is running Mainstage on his Mac somehow also connect to my PC running Ableton?

My thinking was that the Track Rig would recognize all devices and sync up his Mac with my PC. Any thoughts?

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I am a beginner using ableton. I recorded many songs backgrounds each one has a loop . I need to find a way I can combine these songs together do they can be played without a stop, but at the same I need to keep the loop in each song. Can this be done in Ableton? If not do you recommend another softwares. I appreciate any help

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I am trying to make the switch to Ableton, but I've had this issue in Prime as well. How do you get the Ableton metronome to follow a track that slows down in part of a song? For example, In Christ Alone by Passion, at the end of the song there is a ritardando. How would you get the click to follow that? Is it just trial and error with automation?

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is there no way to rename an existing setlist? I've got a somewhat complicated rearrangement of "revelation song" and I tire of redoing it every time we do that song so I've taken to calling up the last setlist where we used it and then modifying that setlist. Problem is, I can't rename it to the current date (or whatever). So if I can't rename a setlist nor save a particular arrangement of a song - is there any other workaround to accomplish this that I'm missing (and if the answer is "we're working on that for a future update" - great and thank you)

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Does Prime read external midi clock info? I’m hoping to be able to send midi clock to control Prime in order to use the arpeggiator and/or drum tracks on my keyboard in sync with Prime tracks. This would be such an awesome ability!!

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We do not have a dedicated in ear monitoring system for our church yet .... so we use metronome apps on the app store with Ableton link capabilities so we play to a click but tracks on ly come out of the house ..... anyone else do something like this ?

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The upcoming macOS 10.15 update will prevent Ableton Live 9 from opening. The last officially supported version of macOS with Live 9 is macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). If you want to continue using Live 9, we strongly advise not updating to macOS 10.15.

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