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Hey, all. Does anyone know of a solid alternative to Dreamfoot for desktop? I attempted to purchase the desktop version and it appears they've removed it from their store. I don't have an iPad that can run it, and I'd love to integrate it with MainStage. Any other ideas? And does anyone now what the deal is with Dreamfoot? Are they just dropping the desktop version entirely? Thanks!

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Im very new with Abelton but here goes. I want to build n loop for background ambience. So here is my idea. Create a sound in the same key as the song. Which isnt a problem. But how can I get the sound to be constant with no tempo?

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Hey guys, I made a worship pad sound in Ableton. Download Here

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i am unable to find the free Cue pack that is offered by loop community can anyone please point me in the right direction

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There was a video with an older version of the template but nothing on the new one. I purchased the advanced version and I was hoping someone can direct me to the video "if there is a newer one" so I can watch it. If there isn't one maybe someone knows what exactly I purchased lol

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First off, I apologize ahead of time for such a long post. I am at my wits end trying to get this to work, LOL!

My desire is to use program changes in a midi file to trigger presets on my Headrush guitar effects pedal at certian points in a song. Because I both play and sing, switching sounds in the middle of a song, can get a little crazy. I would like to switch the first preset when the song starts, then another at an interlude, then back to the first preset again.

I can already accomplish this from my computer with Ableton connected to the Headrush by midi cable. But I do not want to carry a computer, audio interface, etc. just for the purpose of swicthing presets.

To get it to work in Ableton with the computer, I create a midi clip in Arrangment view. Change the pgm change to a 1, tell my Headrush to use a 1 for the first preset needed. Then as the song starts, the preset changes. I place another midi clip later in the same song and use pgm 2, rinse and repeat.

To keep from lugging a PC around, I use an ipad and a lightning to midi cable. I know the midi info can be read from the ipad, because it will change presets when I do it manually. The app I have can use multiple program changes in a midi file to send the info to my HR pedal throughout a song. The problem I have is exporting a midi file in Ableton with more than one program change. It looks to be nearly impossible. I can export each single clip by selecting it, then exporting, but can not export the whole midi track with both program changes. When more than one is selected, the export button is greyed out.

I could probably use another DAW for this purpose, but I have a few years invested in Ableton and honestly do not have the time to relearn another just to accomplch this one task.

Thanks and God Bless!

Roger Leonhardt


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on Aug, 12 - 10:17am
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I have a pretty MASSIVE session that hold our entire catalog. I run everything in session view and have every song broken up into clips V1, C, V2, Bridge, C etc. All of my tracks are 44.1 kHz. I'm running into issues with the session becoming too large and taking a long time to load. I've cleared out the cache and un-used files (GB's of stuff!) but ableton has suggested that I consider turning off HiQ on some of my clips to help with CPU pull etc.

I'm just curious to see if any of y'all have done that and if that will effect my ability to warp and pitch things up/down?


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