I'm pretty sure I've done this before...when I didn't want to...and it actually caused problems for me, but now I'd like to actually use this "feature" if possible. While editing the markers on a file I uploaded I want to move one of my markers to beat 3 of a 4/4 measure. Currently, it keeps snapping to the beginning of the bar. Is this possible?

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on Mar, 17 - 8:33am
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Hi guys, how many devices can be logged in to my account at one time?

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I asked this a while ago, but never got any response. There are several songs that I play using prime which have a random 2/4 bar interjected into an otherwise 4/4 song such as Kristian Stanfill's song "My Heart Is Yours" at the end of the chorus. I have made my own click tracks which I have modified to accommodate for this, but when you're arranging the markers within the Prime app, you cannot change the section other than every 4 bars which makes the vocal cues no longer line up and does not allow me to loop a section on the fly as the app usually does so well. I don't even see an option when uploading a track into prime to set the entire song as 2/4. The only options are 6/8, 4/4, 3/4, 5/4, 7/8. Is this an update that can be made in the future to the app? Is there just something I'm missing?

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on Jan, 23 - 6:48am
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I'm a newbie and I recently downloaded the cues. How can I import them into Logic?

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Hey Guys!! I've recently begun my Ableton journey, switching over from mostly using Logic Pro. I'm starting to get the hang of it, mostly thanks to the AWESOME Loop Community webinars this summer (Thanks, Matt & gang!). I've got a question regarding having songs with tempo changes within an Ableton Live worship set. The song I'm working with now is "Oceans" by Hillsong United. I'm using purchased MasterTracks from another site (purchased before I discovered LC's awesome Community Tracks). The song has a tempo change from 132 to 125 at the beginning of the bridge instrumental. Upon looking through and listening to the MasterTrack session, I notice that there's some rather complex timing automation that happens to get the song from 132 down to 125. Meaning: It doesn't simply drop from 132 to 125 at the beginning of a measure. My question is: When I'm building a worship set in Session View, is there a way to import that automation data along with the "Ocean" loops, so that the click is automated correctly in my worship set?? If not, are there any workaround ideas you guys would suggest?? Obviously I can just export the click track that was included with the "Oceans" mastertracks, but if there's a way to use the Ableton click instead, that'd be ideal. Please let me know if you guys have any insight or ideas. Thanks!

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Hello Loop Community.. Could you please add Ableton Link to Prime!!! I have been experimenting with Soundbrenner Pulse- Wearable pulsing metronome and it has been nice addition to just having a click.. Would like to start using it with Loops now and if you were to add Ableton Link to your software I could get these things working with your software. Is that possible for you to Add??

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Hello guys! I'm new to Ableton and working with multitracks in general. The Ableton projects (songs) I'm working with have different volume levels. it would be really hard to tweak every single volume button so I'm looking for an option to level the entire setlist. I know you can accomplish this using Live's LIMITER plugin on Master channel but I'm using Outputs to feed IFOH mixer. Any help on how to accomplish this with the Trackrig? Thanks for your support.

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When I first started with Ableton all I did was make loops in Session view. Tonight I took the chance to create an arrangement view that has multiple midi click track loops, band cues at variuos places and tempo automation. Is it possible to somehow have that play in session view like my loops and keep all of the attributes in place? When I press play the first thing that happens is my audio and automation is disabled, I have to select the red arrow which I don't know exactly what that means and there is a anothe red icon looks like a play button with 3 stripes on it, until I deselect both of those my midi files in session view won't play. I am doing this for my band and some songs just a plain loop will work but I also have songs that vary in tempo and I don't want to be worried about pressing the next session in session view. Newbie here so again there may be a way in arrangement view for your band cues and loop midi tracks to play at a specific places and in time but I have not figure if and how to do that. My other question is in the same session how can I create another session view track with various tempo. Can this be done so that each track plays independantly? When I attempted both tracks were playing at the same time and then I got frustrated trying to start my new tracks at the end of my first. Any help is much appreciated


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i am unable to find the free Cue pack that is offered by loop community can anyone please point me in the right direction

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on Oct, 20 - 7:11am
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Hey, all. Does anyone know of a solid alternative to Dreamfoot for desktop? I attempted to purchase the desktop version and it appears they've removed it from their store. I don't have an iPad that can run it, and I'd love to integrate it with MainStage. Any other ideas? And does anyone now what the deal is with Dreamfoot? Are they just dropping the desktop version entirely? Thanks!

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