I have been very pleased with PRIME...I especially like the fade in/out options. Thank you for your work. I am having a problem with tracks that I import into PRIME. I have several that the click and/or cues do not match the rest of the track. It is not exclusive to any other track provider. It has happened with lifewayworship.com and multitracks.com tracks. I have tried to delete tracks from the cloud and then download again. Wondering if there is something I can do to remedy this situation?

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We use ableton in arrangement view to run our tracks. We put locators at the beginning of each song on the timeline and program a midi note on the looptimus pedal to fire the tracks. Sometimes, randomly it seems, the cues track will come in slightly but noticeably delayed. This doesn't happen when we fire the track from the computer. It usually happens when the arrangement position is at 1.1.1 and we use the looptimus pedal to start a song at a position further down the timeline.

Anyone else have an issue like this?

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Hello all, I just purchased Ableton a few days ago. I am also familiar on how to use the Prime App.

On Ableton, is there a function or way to be able to play the next section of a song after the current section of the song is finished playing? For example, in the Prime app, I am in a 8 measure Chorus and I want to repeat that, I can be in measure 3 and click the chorus to play again and it will once that section with the markers is complete...

Currently, on Ableton, I have 1 measure before it plays the current Chorus again which can be annoying. I just want that clip to wait until the end, automatically, and then play itself again without me having to time it perfectly for 1 measure.

Hope this question makes sense lol. Basically I just want to play section by section without worrying about that 1 bar measure limitation that I currently have.

Thanks all,


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Hello. I am using Ableton Live 9 Intro on a Mac. I've installed the LC Cue Pack. Ableton will not allow me to drag the cue pack into the drop area to make a new MIDI track. As matter of fact, I can't use the cue pack at all. Any ideas what might be the problem? Thanks.

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So... I'm making the jump from another company to LC to use PRIME, but I've got some tracks from the other company. Tried to upload "O Praise the Name," but the tempo is 72.5 when I put it in the cloud it changed it to 73. When I put in section markers and tried to take away song sections the timing was off, what can I do?

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I'm pretty sure I've done this before...when I didn't want to...and it actually caused problems for me, but now I'd like to actually use this "feature" if possible. While editing the markers on a file I uploaded I want to move one of my markers to beat 3 of a 4/4 measure. Currently, it keeps snapping to the beginning of the bar. Is this possible?

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Hi there, I'm looking for an Ableton pro that can help fix some backing tracks. Need tempos increased and warped (leveled out), backing tracks volume increased, half step down etc. All the tracks are there downloaded from Karaokelive. If interested let me know what you would charge. Looking for MP3 or Wave file as I'm running tracks off an iPad. Thanks in advance.

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Hello guys. I'm new to Ableton and working with worship sets. I've noticied different volume levels between songs and our sound engeneer asked us to find a way in Ableton to control this issue. I've created a master group with sub-groups (individual songs). The plan is to apply an audio effect to this master group to limit or compress the full set. I don't have a clue is this in going to work but in case it does, I really need some advice on how to use Live's limiter/compressor audio effects. I'm sharing a YT vid for a more detailed scenario of what I'm thinking to do and need some help and guidence. Thanks in advance. https://youtu.be/tOPpWcy3jgI

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Does Prime read external midi clock info? I’m hoping to be able to send midi clock to control Prime in order to use the arpeggiator and/or drum tracks on my keyboard in sync with Prime tracks. This would be such an awesome ability!!

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Hi guys, how many devices can be logged in to my account at one time?

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