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Hi guys - I have updated to the new prime version and updated my Ipad to the new apple version - when using prime to add a new song, I'm getting a message that says (something to the effect of) "cannot exceed 50 songs in a set list" Is there a way to over-ride this setting? We currently use prime to run shows that draw from over 200 songs on a nightly basis...we could call any song within that 200 block at anytime - being limited to 50 per set list means that we would have to jump back and forth between different "set lists" to have all 200 hundred available....that would simply take too much time in between songs...any ideas?

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I'm a new worship leader to a small church plant in St. Louis and even newer to Loop. I've only used a couple of tracks but love how easy everything is. I'm trying to find a track for the Anthony Evans version of Great Are You Lord (Wynter's Song). The drum line is amazing and the refrain that he adds at the end is sooo good. Does anyone have it or know how I can request it be created/added to the catalog?

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when I uploaded a pad from my computer it played just fine except its in the click channel and i cant fade the click channel on my looptimus id prefer it to be in the pad channel. I already have it panned just need some help.

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on Jan, 8 - 11:24am
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If there are songs that are not found in the library, is there a way to get it?

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Hey Everyone, I must be missing something here and I hope I'm having a "Duh" moment. Prior to a recent update I was able to move songs within a Setlist by long pressing on the song and moving it, now I cannot for the life of me figure out how to move a song within the Setlist. I can edit the set, add songs, and delete songs. But can't move them. Anyone else having the same experience? For reference, I'm using Prime App on IPAD 2018.

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While trying to SYNC my Ipad I have been getting a reoccuring error Sync Status - "An error occured while syncing songs and setlist"

I have:

Updated my iPad

Loop Prime is up to date

Restarted my iPad

Anyone else experiencing issues? Please help


Cornerstone Worship

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on Nov, 30 - 9:17pm
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Welcome to the leading worship group! Looking forward to many discussions about all things leading worship - team culture, worship leadership, setlist planning, burnout, etc.

Introduce yourself and let us know where you lead worship and how long you’ve been leading for.

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on Nov, 18 - 3:59pm
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What's the biggest challenge you're facing right now as a worship leader?

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on Oct, 23 - 8:59am
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What are the best new fast songs you are playing at your church?

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I'm planning a night of worship for my church and I'm curious how some others go about these? We've done them before, and they're always well received, but I want to promote an environment of authenticity. I don't want these to be too scripted or over-prodcued, but there is a significant element of preparation that has to go into these.

Anyone have any words of wisdom or things that have worked well for you?

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