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I am using an iPad to run my tracks and in spite of the fact I have the internal audio out set to pan and not stereo, I still get a softer version of the click and cues track bleeding into the other chanel. It's particularly bad because you can also hear it in the house even though I am only sending the track side audio lead back to the board.


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While trying to SYNC my Ipad I have been getting a reoccuring error Sync Status - "An error occured while syncing songs and setlist"

I have:

Updated my iPad

Loop Prime is up to date

Restarted my iPad

Anyone else experiencing issues? Please help


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on Mar, 26 - 7:20am
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Hi everyone!

I just become a Pro suscriber. I have a questions :

I don't have the menu for the Midi Cues. I try to uninstall and install again Prime but it doesn't work...

Somebody already had the same issue?



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I have been toying with Prime for some time now, and have a handful of tracks I personally purchased. My church recently created a new account, started a subscription, and added me to the team. Is there any way to transfer my personal purchases to my churches account? I suppose I can download all my stems and upload them individually to my churches account, hoping for an easier way to transfer everything. Thank you! - Anthony

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I am new here. I've been using multitracks.com, but am seeking less expensive alternatives and places that may have tracks not available there. Before I purchase anything here, I was wondering, when you make a purchase here, do you get stems for each instrument, click and cue tracks, or just a wav mix/accompaniment tack? If this post belongs in a different forum, please let me know. Thanks for your help.

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I have edited and saved MIDI out Cues then saved the arrangement on the Prime app. But the saved arrangement does not show up on the Cloud and I do not see a place for the arrangements on the cloud service. Am I missing something on the set up?

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The Tracks/Stems are great. I can record the vocals for the songs for the songs that don't have vocals but my question is..

1. Is there a way to record vocals within the prime app

2. Is it possible to edit the Tracks/Stems withn the Prime app and then download the Newly edited Zip files ?

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I like to have instrumental music playing between tracks especially if I am testifying or praying etc., but the pads tend to be really bland, any alternatives?

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I am having a hard time, trying to find tracks that have bass guitar removed. Is there already a list somewhere of tracks with no bass? Thanks

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Hey loopcommunity. I just bought the Cues Pack and it is NOT working properly! I downloaded the files and 80% of the voice commands are cut too short and stop in the middle! It says "FULL BA" instead of "full band" Can You please reach out to me?

Thats so frustrating, I need it tomorrow....😔

Thanks :)

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