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I have a band member with a android phone is there anyway I can get track to her to rehearse without having iPad or IPhone?

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I am begining to put a team together and want to know how I can share my set list with the other team members. My Pro subsciption says I can, but I can't find any info on how to do this????

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I like to have instrumental music playing between tracks especially if I am testifying or praying etc., but the pads tend to be really bland, any alternatives?

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I'm a new worship leader to a small church plant in St. Louis and even newer to Loop. I've only used a couple of tracks but love how easy everything is. I'm trying to find a track for the Anthony Evans version of Great Are You Lord (Wynter's Song). The drum line is amazing and the refrain that he adds at the end is sooo good. Does anyone have it or know how I can request it be created/added to the catalog?

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How to save songs to I cloud? I have a pro plus account.

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Can any of the loopcommunity tracks be used for online services? My understanding is that purchased multitracks are not allowed to be used for online services because they are not covered under the CCLI streaming license. However, Lifeway Worship is allowing all of their tracks to be used for online streaming during COVID-19. Are there any plans to allow tracks purchased on loopcommunity for online streaming?

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I will change keys, arrangements, etc When I come back to it, it defaults to the original version How do I save my changes?

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Hey Community! Since I started the Loop Community website about 10 years ago, I've always had a dream of one day organizing an event where the community could meet and come together in person. We've always been passionate about being more than just a normal e-commerce shop that sells tracks. We've always tried to be intentional about creating community for the worship leaders at Loop Community. We've done a few live events, but up until this point, it's mostly been a virtual community. Now we have an opportunity to come together IN PERSON...

Worship Innovators is a 2-day conference that we are co-hosting in Chicago June 8-9, 2020. I'll also be hosting an extra worship songwriting day after the conference for those that want to stay.

What makes this conference very special is that the conference hosts / speakers will be from other worship communities that we love - Planning Center, Churchfront, Worship Artisty, Worship Tutorials, PraiseCharts, Sunday Sounds etc.

I would LOVE to have you all join us. Bring your worship teams. Bring your worship leader friends. This will be a great time of community building and learning from each other.

Early bird pricing ends February 1st. You can register now at http://worshipinnovators.com

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Hi guys - I have updated to the new prime version and updated my Ipad to the new apple version - when using prime to add a new song, I'm getting a message that says (something to the effect of) "cannot exceed 50 songs in a set list" Is there a way to over-ride this setting? We currently use prime to run shows that draw from over 200 songs on a nightly basis...we could call any song within that 200 block at anytime - being limited to 50 per set list means that we would have to jump back and forth between different "set lists" to have all 200 hundred available....that would simply take too much time in between songs...any ideas?

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when I uploaded a pad from my computer it played just fine except its in the click channel and i cant fade the click channel on my looptimus id prefer it to be in the pad channel. I already have it panned just need some help.

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