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Loop Mini and studio one tracks


on Jul, 5 - 6:12PM
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has anyone had any look setting up the looptimus mini to start and stop tracks within studio one? I usually use Abelton but our drummer has his tracks set in studio one.

Letzte Aktivitäten 2 days ago

I have a band member with a android phone is there anyway I can get track to her to rehearse without having iPad or IPhone?

Letzte Aktivitäten 7 days ago

I have edited and saved MIDI out Cues then saved the arrangement on the Prime app. But the saved arrangement does not show up on the Cloud and I do not see a place for the arrangements on the cloud service. Am I missing something on the set up?

Letzte Aktivitäten 22 days ago

I am using an iPad to run my tracks and in spite of the fact I have the internal audio out set to pan and not stereo, I still get a softer version of the click and cues track bleeding into the other chanel. It's particularly bad because you can also hear it in the house even though I am only sending the track side audio lead back to the board.


Letzte Aktivitäten about 1 month ago

Can any of the loopcommunity tracks be used for online services? My understanding is that purchased multitracks are not allowed to be used for online services because they are not covered under the CCLI streaming license. However, Lifeway Worship is allowing all of their tracks to be used for online streaming during COVID-19. Are there any plans to allow tracks purchased on loopcommunity for online streaming?

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on Mar, 10 - 4:07PM
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Hi everyone!

I just become a Pro suscriber. I have a questions :

I don't have the menu for the Midi Cues. I try to uninstall and install again Prime but it doesn't work...

Somebody already had the same issue?



Letzte Aktivitäten 4 months ago

While trying to SYNC my Ipad I have been getting a reoccuring error Sync Status - "An error occured while syncing songs and setlist"

I have:

Updated my iPad

Loop Prime is up to date

Restarted my iPad

Anyone else experiencing issues? Please help


Cornerstone Worship

Letzte Aktivitäten about 1 year ago


I have been toying with Prime for some time now, and have a handful of tracks I personally purchased. My church recently created a new account, started a subscription, and added me to the team. Is there any way to transfer my personal purchases to my churches account? I suppose I can download all my stems and upload them individually to my churches account, hoping for an easier way to transfer everything. Thank you! - Anthony

Letzte Aktivitäten over 1 year ago

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I am new here. I've been using multitracks.com, but am seeking less expensive alternatives and places that may have tracks not available there. Before I purchase anything here, I was wondering, when you make a purchase here, do you get stems for each instrument, click and cue tracks, or just a wav mix/accompaniment tack? If this post belongs in a different forum, please let me know. Thanks for your help.

Letzte Aktivitäten over 1 year ago

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The Tracks/Stems are great. I can record the vocals for the songs for the songs that don't have vocals but my question is..

1. Is there a way to record vocals within the prime app

2. Is it possible to edit the Tracks/Stems withn the Prime app and then download the Newly edited Zip files ?

Letzte Aktivitäten over 1 year ago

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