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on Nov, 12 - 11:30AM
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Hi. I am fairly new to Mainstage. I have a problem currently that sometimes when i press my sustain pedal it causes the pitch of one instrument channel strip to rise up by a fifth eg C rises up to G.

Also i will be playing and suddenly the pitch of a particular insrument channel strip starts wavering around in a weird way!

2 different issues but they may be related. This happens using Alchemy and a couple of other instument plug-ins. I guess it may be midi mapping related but i am a bit of a novice at this......

Any ideas?

many thanks

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I'm on a deadline and I'm having some issues with some of my original tracks not syncing once I upload them to Prime... Can someone please let me know what to do? I've tried turning off the Dynamic Click, but things are still not working right. Thanks in advance for your help!!! Eddie

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Hello, hope it's okay to post this here and sorry if it's been asked before.

Is any way for me to loop 10 instruments using midi triggers in LOGICx simultaneously? I know it's possible to do in ableton but not sure about logic.

I'm looking to record a live performance that requires 10 instruments, each in its individual track using a multitrack recorder /interface each of the instruments need to be able to be looped and switched on and off during the performance without falling out of sync. Is this possible?

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Where do I find the good click track and cue sounds everytone seems to be using? Logic Pro X user.

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I've had this happen 6+ times. Some one a 2015 MBP and some on a brand new MBP. All the sudden Mainstage stops playing the playback files and then all the buttons on mainstage become unresponsive. I CAN click them by MIDI or by the track pad, but they do nothing. On a few occasions even after shutting down the app and opening back up, it still was unrespnosive.

Usually a computer restart will fix it.

I have NO idea how to even troubleshoot this. It's so random and it just seems like something internal to Mainstage is broken.


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Hey, I was wondering which factory Logic and Mainstage patches other people might use for recording loops or playing live (Mainstage)! Sometimes I have trouble filtering out patches to find the best for worship settings.

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Hey, Well I'm just getting started making loops with Logic X, which has been loads of fun (not sure why everyone here gives Logic so much crap). However, I can't seem to get audio files to lock to the grid with a click. I just wanna use it for reference as I insert my own tracks. I've done this before in Logic 9 with the Factory tab, but it isn't there in the new version. Any suggestions?

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Hey there guys, I'm running loop in MS3 and find that the Mac with 8gb RAM and 5400RPM HDD, MS crashes and needs to restart. I want to do some live work but don't trust it... anyone else have these issues or am I the only one?! TIA

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I'm wondering if it's possible to run multitracks/create a service setlist in logic.

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