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Hello everyone!

So I'm new to these groups but not new as a producer. I have been producing music for over 35 years with many national and international award winning albums and DVDs under my belt as both a producer, session artist, engineer, and writer. I say all that to say I'm not new to the production world.

I produced a track last week (an arrangement of "This Is Amazing Grace") and I submitted it as a for sale piece and I guess I'm waiting for an email to let me know if I can be a loop community producer. My questions is how long does it typically take before you hear back (it's been over a week now)?

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I love the new 2020 version of this song and really want to use this song in my church soon. Would love the master multitracks of this song but if someone is willing to make a community version that would be great as well. Here is a link to the version I'm talking about.

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Hello all, I made stems (first attempt) and uploaoded for producer status and received the following back on 12/10/2020: Here are a few notes / tips from our review team: The levels of your stems sound a bit out of balance. It's always a good practice to set your stem levels similar to the original and try to match that mix. Some of your instruments sound a bit dry and may benefit from some reverb. Also, if you submit again you don't need to bounce the separate stereo files.

So, I fixed all as suggested, re-submitted and received this back on 12/18/2020: Thanks for making those adjustments on bouncing. It's much more organized as single stereo files. I'm sorry to reject again but unfortunately the quality just isn't there in regards to sounds being dialed in and overall mix of stems.

Here's my QUESTION: is there anyone out there that will sub contract to mix/master my stems to the quality required to obtain producer status? Or some help in any way would be appreciated. The idea being, I write/record the songs and pay someone to mix/master stems that will pass quality requirements to upload to Loop Community. I have Presonus Sphere with Studio One 5. Thanks and God Bless

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on Jan, 12 - 9:38am
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There is a video on youtube entitled Creating Click Tracks in Logic Pro X in which the author talks about a free download from this site for queue loops. Can anybody tell me how to get to it? Thanks.

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on Dec, 31 - 4:25am
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I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase just the percussion loops for songs? Or maybe you'll have software and/or instrument library suggestions that I could use to quickly and easily make my own percussion loops? (I am able to duplicate any loop I hear provided that I have the sounds, I've been using FLstudio and i'm done with it lol) I have Ableton, logic, and mainstage. But I haven't jumped into any of them deeply. I wouldn't mind purchasing something else if it made my process a lot easier. Thanks for the help in advance!! Kevin

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on Dec, 31 - 4:08am
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Anybody I can get in contact with about doing some live drums for some ( future ) tracks of mine ?

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on Dec, 7 - 9:46am
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Hello, new to creating tracks. I have produced many songs, however, I use Studio One. Can I submit (upload) tracks to Loop using Studio One?

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I have to believe that at least one other person has already requested tracks from the new McClure's worship album, "Christmas Morning"? Man we wanna do some of these songs soon as Advent starts this Sunday--any leads on when these will be released?! PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

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Hello There!, Would anyone be willing to produce a track for "God With Us", by MercyMe?

I am so surprised there is not a single track for this song and I desperately want to do this at our church! Thank You So Much and God Bless. :)

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I Wanna Request Johnathan Nelson Manifest Master Track Please?

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