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Is there a way to make the arrangements customizable in Prime when one song has two different time signatures. Example song; How Sweet It Is by Tomlin. I noticed "Loop Community" did the song and put it in 3/4 time however, can one still customize the arrangement in Prime, and if so what must be done prior to the upload of the stems?

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I'm after feedback on an original worship song I'm putting together.

Is this the place to ask that question?

Can anybody "lend me your ears"?

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on Jan, 2 - 2:27pm
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Anybody I can get in contact with about doing some live drums for some ( future ) tracks of mine ?

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Hello community,

I have created many custom loops for our church and have always had this challenge. When I export my stems out of Logic they sound great. A lot of volume to play with. Once I upload the full track into Prime and then play it back on the same computer/speaker setup the track is much quieter. It is a significant difference. The individual stems are full volume in Prime as well as the master fader. I have also tested with a single stem upload to see if there was some sort of peak processing happening that brings all the stems down to a single level.

I have exported using Logic Export all tracks as audio files and also Bounced from the master with levels hitting right below 0 to try and get maximum loudness.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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Hey guys

Any idea if a track for this song is forthcoming? It's a great one for Christmas, and we are avid Prime users.


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on Nov, 26 - 12:48pm
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Not sure where the best place would be to make this request, but this seems pretty close.

We are looking forward to singing "His Name Is Jesus" By Travis Cottrell this year. The only thing we are lacking are some good backing tracks. I can get them elsewhere, but I'd love to patronize LoopCommunity. Is this a song that is currently being worked on with a drop date any time very soon? (I have a feeling that song will get a lot of play time this Christmas Season. If not... it should!)


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hello.. i'm pretty new to this stuff & i created a backing tracking for alive and i want to upload the track to loop community to use the prime app to play it live not exactly sure what to do as far as getting it prepped for upload. I'm using logic btw.. track is on sound cloud as well if you're interested in hearing it..

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I create my tracks in Logic Pro x, pan accordingly and bounce the track into iTunes. Then, I open the app, SoundCue and add the track into that app. You just press a button and it fires the song off. The disadvantage to SoundCue is that, you can’t repeat to a section or create set lists. At the moment, I am not interested in making my songs/tracks available to the community, I just need to know how to get my music into Prime. I would like to know how to bring my tracks from Logic Pro X or iTunes into prime. Thanks!

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I don't have any other software at the moment, and can put together pretty decent tracks in GB. Limited, I guess by the patches available, but I'm still proficient at tweaking the default patches and playing with the sound generators to produce some nice synths. Anyways, just curious if anyone else is starting where I'm at, and what the process is to get it "loop ready" with cues and click and all. Here's what I'm thinking: 1) Create track (with rhythm elements, synth, pads, etc.) 2) Mix it down and export as a high quality aiff. 3) Click and cues in new file, mix down and export. 4) New file. Import tracks aiff and cues/click. 5) Pan click and cues left. Pan tracks right. 6) Export as stereo aiff. From here I am guessing, I could convert to stereo wav file? Or would a high quality stereo mp3 work as well? I plan on using it in Prime.

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on Nov, 22 - 10:44am
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Greetings everyone.

We are needing to get some tracks made. I have reached out to a few "producers" with noreply and just recently requested to add the face book group. We are wanting to get these two tracks made.

Redimi2 Fetureing Barak Espiritu Santo

Alex Zurdo. No Cuenten Conmigo

Any assistance would be great.

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