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I created a track for O The Blood (Gateway Worship) and uploaded to Prime for our personal use. On the last tag of the last chorus, there's a 2/4 measure in the midst of the 4/4 measures. Because of that, I cannot place the cue for the outro in the right place. I just purchased a track made by Loop Community for the song The Passion by Hillsong. There's the same thing happening right at the end of the second chorus, which puts all the rest of the track off by 2 beats, but whoever made this track at LC was able to place the subsequent cues all in the middle of the bars, so they would be correct. Is there a way to do this I just don't know? Please help. There are many songs that do this!

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That's my favorite verion of Shout to the LORD - can someone track this one?

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Is there a track out there for this song ? Would love to hear one!

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on Mar, 4 - 9:33am
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Can someone create a track for A Reason to Dance by All Nations Worship Assembly Atlanta?

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Hello, I'm not to ableton and using the LC Cues. I are trying to use them in Ableton. I have downloaded the free pack and watched all the videos. Here's the problem After creating a new project and setting the markers, I want to set up the cues. I go to the "CUEPACK" folder, open "ABLETON" and I see the option "LC CUE PACK 2.0 ENGLISH". That opens to "samples" or "LC CUEPACK 2.0 ENGLISH.als" Samples only gives me individual .wav files The other, is a template "LC Cues" I want to open the cues but set it up using midi like the videos. What am I doing wrong? I saw videos that have cues as a drum rack. Thanks.

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Hello community,

I have created many custom loops for our church and have always had this challenge. When I export my stems out of Logic they sound great. A lot of volume to play with. Once I upload the full track into Prime and then play it back on the same computer/speaker setup the track is much quieter. It is a significant difference. The individual stems are full volume in Prime as well as the master fader. I have also tested with a single stem upload to see if there was some sort of peak processing happening that brings all the stems down to a single level.

I have exported using Logic Export all tracks as audio files and also Bounced from the master with levels hitting right below 0 to try and get maximum loudness.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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Does anyone have availability to create tracks for He Lives (Church of the City)? TIA

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on Feb, 11 - 8:34pm
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Anybody I can get in contact with about doing some live drums for some ( future ) tracks of mine ?

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Is there a way to make the arrangements customizable in Prime when one song has two different time signatures. Example song; How Sweet It Is by Tomlin. I noticed "Loop Community" did the song and put it in 3/4 time however, can one still customize the arrangement in Prime, and if so what must be done prior to the upload of the stems?

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I'm after feedback on an original worship song I'm putting together.

Is this the place to ask that question?

Can anybody "lend me your ears"?

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