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on Jul, 6 - 5:29pm
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Hey guys! How do you handle backing vocals? Do you sum them to a stereo track or submit the individual parts? While I like the simplicity of a single BGV track, I think it could be really helpful to submit the parts to help the vocalists learn the harmonies.

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Hello There!, Would anyone be willing to produce a track for "God With Us", by MercyMe?

I am so surprised there is not a single track for this song and I desperately want to do this at our church! Thank You So Much and God Bless. :)

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Would anyone be willing to produce a track for "We Are the Kingdom", by Brandon Lake? I am so surprised there is not a single track for this song and I desperately want to do this at our church!

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on Jun, 29 - 2:49pm
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Hello, I'm not to ableton and using the LC Cues. I are trying to use them in Ableton. I have downloaded the free pack and watched all the videos. Here's the problem After creating a new project and setting the markers, I want to set up the cues. I go to the "CUEPACK" folder, open "ABLETON" and I see the option "LC CUE PACK 2.0 ENGLISH". That opens to "samples" or "LC CUEPACK 2.0 ENGLISH.als" Samples only gives me individual .wav files The other, is a template "LC Cues" I want to open the cues but set it up using midi like the videos. What am I doing wrong? I saw videos that have cues as a drum rack. Thanks.

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hello.. i'm pretty new to this stuff & i created a backing tracking for alive and i want to upload the track to loop community to use the prime app to play it live not exactly sure what to do as far as getting it prepped for upload. I'm using logic btw.. track is on sound cloud as well if you're interested in hearing it..

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Hey there guys...

Just wondering how long it usually takes to either be accepted or rejected as a producer after submitting an application/track.

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on Jun, 16 - 7:47am
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Hey, Guys can anyone help me out with the backing track heard @ the beginning of God my God by vashawn Mitchell. It's quite popular buh I haven't got a clue on how to go about making it.Actually New to this. Any Info would help. Thanks Guys

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I couldn't find much info for my specific question... I want to make my own tracks and have learned GarageBand recently. I am looking to learn a better DAW to work with LC and Prime App. Is Ableton Live the best choice? How about others like Waveform or Cuebase, Logic, etc. I want to avoid wasting time if I am learning to use the wrong DAW.

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on Apr, 16 - 8:12am
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I am primarily using Loops for piano practice. Is there a way to get tracks with the lead vocal or is there a way to add a vocal track to purchased tracks?

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I created a track for O The Blood (Gateway Worship) and uploaded to Prime for our personal use. On the last tag of the last chorus, there's a 2/4 measure in the midst of the 4/4 measures. Because of that, I cannot place the cue for the outro in the right place. I just purchased a track made by Loop Community for the song The Passion by Hillsong. There's the same thing happening right at the end of the second chorus, which puts all the rest of the track off by 2 beats, but whoever made this track at LC was able to place the subsequent cues all in the middle of the bars, so they would be correct. Is there a way to do this I just don't know? Please help. There are many songs that do this!

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