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on Jun, 17 - 2:33AM
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has anybody upload stems from fl studio and put them in the prime play back or do you have to put them into ableton to lock them onto the grid them put them into prime app

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Hi all, newbie here. I'd like to produce multitracks for Prime. I use Reaper as my DAW. I am wondering if anyone can point me to tutorials on how I would create stems with sections i.e intro, verse, chorus etc. Cheers!

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Hello im a new producer and just wondering how long does it take to get a track approved? Its been 2 weeks since i uploaded 2 tracks and the status says pending ever since, anybody know how long it takes?


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on Feb, 11 - 2:17PM
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Hi there, I recently downloaded the free Vocal Cues pack from Loop Community, but I don't know what to do next. How I install it as a drum rack in Ableton correctly? I tried, but I must not have done it correctly. It didn't put it in the right spot, and I keep getting error messages that it can't find the files. Thanks, Barry Westman

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I am a logic user and I produce my song with it. How could I convert my song to multitrack tracks? thanks

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on Jan, 6 - 3:11PM
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I have recently had my producer application denied multiple times. The issue is, there is never any feedback, or explanation of improvements needed. I am willing to make any necessary corrections. Is there a resource for feedback?

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Been using track rig and prime app for a year. I have been having serious crackling issues at the most random times during a set. Once it starts it won't stop, even as I change tracks. Some tracks are lowered in key and others are in original keys. I run the same tracks in ableton 11 and they don't replicate the problem using trackrig, of course. I have been troubleshooting this since Christmas and it continues.

Extra note, we are two campuses and this same issue occurs across iPads, iPhones, and computers when using trackrig... It even happened with my focusrite interface.

This past weekend it worked great for a midweek rehearsal, and then come Sunday morning it started the intense crackling. I restarted my computer, which has 16gb ram, and nothing changed, restarted a ton, changed trackrig to different USBC ports. Still an intense crackle. We ended up going mono and splitting tracks and click. It was fine.

I have concluded it is a sample rate/buffer issue. I have been working with daws for years, and when this would occur, too adjusting the sample rate would always correct the issue.

I need input, please. And Help. Thanks!

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Hi Im am christian music producer and i wanna produce multitracks and sell them on . I wanna know how much will get if i get my track sold on the website. Also will the song’s original artist receive a portion of my sale as royalty? Thanks

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For the last few years I have been "producing tracks" more or less as a hobby and as a way to learn Ableton better. I would like to try my hand as a Loop Community producer, but I have a few questions about expectations.

Is the intent of producing tracks to try and replicate the original as closely as possible, or is an artistic interpretation the preferred outcome? Also, is it recommended/required that I record my stems in the same key as the original?

I am looking for direction before I get started and also would appreciate any other hints or tips from the community.


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Hey everyone!

I have a couple of loops I need produced because I cannot find them online. Is there anyone willing to make them for me? I will pay for quality!

The first song is "Deck The Halls" by 10th Ave North, the second is "Joy To The World" by the Worship Society, Featuring "Travis Ryan".

If you can get them out to me asap - feel free to email me at



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