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on Nov, 20 - 9:20am
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Greetings everyone.

We are needing to get some tracks made. I have reached out to a few "producers" with noreply and just recently requested to add the face book group. We are wanting to get these two tracks made.

Redimi2 Fetureing Barak Espiritu Santo

Alex Zurdo. No Cuenten Conmigo

Any assistance would be great.

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Man I need some tips out there! I have a few tracks that i made for LC that didn't make it ... I'm not actually a keys player to be perfectly honest..... I know a few chords here and there and I do what ever i can to make my tracks sound full. I am however really good at making drum loops ! Also I don't usually use guitars because I have no idea how to play that lol (best I can do is Logic pro's midi guitars but I'm learning that that dont cut it lol). Anybody have any tips out there can help me out in making better tracks to hopefully get accepted for the site ?? I really wanna help other ministries out by creating stems to help fill out their sound!

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hello.. i'm pretty new to this stuff & i created a backing tracking for alive and i want to upload the track to loop community to use the prime app to play it live not exactly sure what to do as far as getting it prepped for upload. I'm using logic btw.. track is on sound cloud as well if you're interested in hearing it..

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Hey there! Robert Titean here. I play Electric for Vertical Worship and have a great studio here in Chicago that I wish to make electric stems for you!

This is a great opportunity to get amazing guitar tone for your tracks at a faster amount of time and also make quicker revenue. It's a win-win! you'll get a bundle (depending on the demand of stems needed per song.) of electric stems at a fair price (which we can discuss through email.)

The goal is for how to improve your sound, accuracy in playing, and make it sound "full". If anyone needs help, shoot me a email! ( and i'll be glad to discuss and work alongside with you.


-Robert Titean

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on Oct, 7 - 4:43pm
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Hello, I'm not to ableton and using the LC Cues. I are trying to use them in Ableton. I have downloaded the free pack and watched all the videos. Here's the problem After creating a new project and setting the markers, I want to set up the cues. I go to the "CUEPACK" folder, open "ABLETON" and I see the option "LC CUE PACK 2.0 ENGLISH". That opens to "samples" or "LC CUEPACK 2.0 ENGLISH.als" Samples only gives me individual .wav files The other, is a template "LC Cues" I want to open the cues but set it up using midi like the videos. What am I doing wrong? I saw videos that have cues as a drum rack. Thanks.

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Become a Loop Community contributor... and make $$$ ! One of the great new features about is that we allow users to upload their loop content and make money each time they sell! There are so many talented loop / track programmers out there that we wanted to provide a platform for them to display their work.   If you're interested in becoming a seller on the website, check out this page.

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on Oct, 3 - 2:48pm
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Hi I have been producing tracks for some time but only just started using Prime,

If I decide to upload to the community, is there a way to set the markers in advance for anyone who uses it?, as my only experience so far is to upload to the cloud for my own use and the markers are set in prime after download.

Also how much does a producer get paid is someone uses the track?

p.s. I am in the Britton UK.

Thanks Steve

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I like to make tracks for each of the songs we do. What is the best way to make the overall volume of each song the same regardless of how many tracks per song and instrumentation. I usually achieve this simply by placing a limiter on the master fader, but when making tracks it is best to put all of the FX on each track rather than putting anything on the master fader. So, how can I achieve consistent/ same levels per song regardless of how many tracks and instrumentation?

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I have stems from the original recordings that I uploaded to the LC so we can run the tracks from prime... When they play back they sound super lo-fi and crackly/staticky... am I missing something??

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on Sep, 13 - 10:45am
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I just uploaded my first custom track and I can't put a marker on the first measure. Do I have to add an empty measure at the beginning when I create my track if I want to label the first measure intro? Mark

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